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Wednesday, 04 January 2012 08:50

3Shape Releases CAMbridge™ 2011

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3Shape A/S, a user-acclaimed worldwide leader in 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions, announces the launch of CAMbridge™ 2011, an innovative solution that automates the manufacturing of CAD designs. With this latest CAMbridge™ 2011 release, 3Shape is providing dental labs and manufacturing services with new levels of productivity through innovative features for efficient milling and 3D printing of even complex dental restorations. 3Shape CAMbridge™ is also being successfully applied in an important variety of other industries, including Orthodontics, Hearing Instruments, and the production of industrial parts.

New and improved milling path engine
CAMbridge™ has been updated in its automatic generation of sprues (connector pins) to support production of 3Shape's latest dental design indications such as Removable Partials and Lab Models. Additionally, new milling features include support for multiple milling directions with both adding and editing of milling directions. 3Shape has improved the milling path for finishing surfaces and added a dedicated hole-making milling path based on spirals.

Objet Geometries Ltd, a leading provider of manufacturing solutions for the Dental industry, integrates 3Shape's CAMbridge™ in their systems.

"We have found the new CAMbridge™ software to be a perfect integration for both DentalSystem™ software, and our 3D printing systems," Says Avi Cohen, Head of Medical Solutions at Objet. "The new CAMbridge™ delivers unique capabilities, such as built-in support for handling Quality Control in dental lab production environments, a range of options for creating ID-tags, and grouping of items and advanced placement with a unique setting for Objet dental users. It is for this reason that we highly recommend CAMbridge™ to our large dental users' install base."
"The new CAMbridge™ is not only a powerful and efficient tool - but in our vision it is a must for all advanced dental lab owners," concluded Avi Cohen.

Extensive Tool Manager
3Shape has introduced a new tool manager that allows users to maintain total control over tools and tool siblings during milling. The system alerts users regarding tool-usage, the need for tool replacement, and where tools should be inserted.

Enhanced functionality for supports
CAMbridge™ 2011 contains an impressive range of new Supports options and improvements. Not only has the system's Supports generator been enriched with more speed, but users will benefit from many user-friendly options, such as Supports along ridges and minimum extent of foundations (Braces).

Built for efficient processing
Besides the wide array of new features, the CAMbridge™ 2011 release provides a boosted platform  for more efficient processing and added power for handling the large amount of data involved in CAD/CAM manufacturing processes. CAMbridge™ supports multiple large files and parallel processing of up to 10 items using the CAMbridge Assistant™.

"Our new CAMbridge™ 2011 CAM software solution integrates smoothly with DentalSystem™ 2012," explains David Fischer, CAMbridge Group Manager. "CAMbridge 2011 has been enhanced with many special features for Dental manufacturing, such as flexible methods for hollowing and creating wall thickness for dental and orthodontic models."

The new CAMbridge™ 2011 release is now available today. Users who wish to benefit from this opportunity should contact their local 3Shape CAMbridge distributor.

For more information, visit: www.3shape.com

Friday, 15 July 2011 06:20

3Shape releases the new Convince 2011

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3Shape, a global technology leader in 3D scanners and CAD/CAM software solutions, announces the launch of its latest ConvinceTM 2011 3D Scanning and Quality Control system - a comprehensive solution for 3D digitization and quality control of small, detail-rich objects.

3Shape has immensely improved and expanded its already popular ConvinceTM system to cover a much wider range of applications and market needs. The 2011 version presents 3 new scanners offering different performance levels, along with 2 software package choices - ConvinceTM Standard and ConvinceTM Premium. Additionally, 3Shape has optimized the core ConvinceTM user-workflows, empowering them with even more automation and greatly enhancing user-friendliness.

"In today's competitive climate, more and more companies are seeking technologies that are easy to integrate, easy to operate, and significantly speed up the production workflow," says Birk Plönnigs, Sales & Product Manager, 3Shape 3D Scanning & QC Systems. "They come from all types of industries so we made ConvinceTM 2011 a modular system that is easy to tailor to specific application needs."

ConvinceTM Standard for 3D digitization and basic QC
ConvinceTM Standard software provides generic 3D scanning and creation of digital models for use in digitization or production processes. Scanning output can be used with other market-specific software, such as Jewelry design tools. ConvinceTM Standard additionally supports basic Quality Control and measurement. It is a perfect investment for performing basic QC in applications involving digitization, reverse engineering, and control of 3D manufacturing processes such as with dental restorations or hearing aid shells.

ConvinceTM Premium for advanced quality control
ConvinceTM Premium is full-featured Quality Control software. Building on the proven success of previous ConvinceTM versions, 3Shape has now further developed its array of advanced features for professional measurement and QC. New ConvinceTM 2011 features include full support for measuring without a reference model using self-defined virtual geometries, and the ability to define multiple coordinate systems.

New interface for scan sequence creation
Both ConvinceTM Standard and ConvinceTM Premium versions support 3Shape's highly acclaimed automatic measurement and scan sequence features that empower users with both streamlined workflows and consistent results.

"Automation and user-friendliness remain the core strengths of ConvinceTM," says Birk Plönnigs. "In ConvinceTM 2011, we made the process of creating sequences even easier for users. Once the scan and measurement sequences are established, advanced scanning, measuring and quality control for any part can be performed automatically with a few clicks and repeated in the exact same way every time."

Other new software features in ConvinceTM 2011 include traceability of scanner accuracy by which the user can gauge the Convince system's own generated results, extended point filtering, and a German language software version.

A scanner for every need
ConvinceTM 2011 offers 3 scanner models. The D500 1.3 MP scanner is for entry level users or general 3D applications such as jewelry and art. The Q700 1.3 MP mid-market level scanner is designed with an optimal balance between accuracy and speed. The Q800 is a high resolution scanner with 5.0 MP cameras and is the ideal tool for applications that demand high performance and accuracy, including professional quality control.

The new ConvinceTM 2011 Standard and Premium software plus D500, Q700 and Q800 scanners are now available from 3Shape dealers throughout the world.

For more information, visit: www.3shape.com

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