EngineerGirl Website Simultaneously Launches Redesign & Essay Contest

Using input from 135 girls across the country, the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) re-designed its popular EngineerGirl website which was unveiled today. This is the first major redesign since EngineerGirl! premiered in 2000 and was made possible by support from the Lockheed Martin Corporation. The website is a platform for informing, inspiring, and supporting students interested in engineering. Its target audience is middle school girls, with the aim of introducing them to the rewards of an engineering career.

The annual EngineerGirl essay contest for 2013 was also announced today and focuses on engineering advancements for disease prevention.

“We are passionate about encouraging our nation’s young people to consider careers in engineering,” said NAE President Charles M. Vest. “The EngineerGirl website provides a wealth of resources not only for girls, but everyone interested in ways they can be a part of building our future.”

The girls who helped design the website, known as the Girls Advisory Board, held 19 virtual meetings. Girls from 28 states participated in discussions about content and interface for the new site. In addition to a completely new look and site organization, the revised website will include new features not previously available on EngineerGirl There are blogs about what an engineer does and a new section called “Try on a Career” that allows girls to explore different engineering fields. The new site also provides an opportunity for engineers to sign up as role models and maintain a profile on the website with a short bio and information about their line of work.

The 2013 Health Engineering essay contest asks students in grades three to 12 to choose from five diseases listed by The World Health Organization as the leading causes of death throughout the world: Heart disease, Stroke, Influenza (and other lower respiratory infections), Emphysema (or COPD), and Diarrhea. Students will describe engineering advancements in the treatment or prevention of one of the diseases and explain the types of engineering fields that have contributed to addressing these diseases. Essays will be judged on the basis of design content, research, expression, and originality. Winners will be chosen in three categories: elementary (grades three to five); middle school (grades six to eight); and high school (grades nine to 12). Monetary prizes and certificates are given to the winners.

The mission of the National Academy of Engineering is to advance the well-being of the nation by promoting a vibrant engineering profession and by marshalling the expertise and insights of eminent engineers to provide independent advice to the federal government on matters involving engineering and technology.

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