Mydea Technologies in Orlando Plays Leading Role in 3D Printing Industry

Mydea Technologies, the eight-year old Orlando company headed by former Disney Imagineer Michael Siemer, is playing a leading role in the Additive Manufacturing industry. Additive Manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing, is an important new field that seems more science fiction than fact as it generates exciting, new opportunities in industry.

Mydea recently acquired the MakerBot, a sophisticated one-of-a-kind printer designed by RepRap, an open source community project that allowed contributions from many different participating companies and scientists.

The MakerBot, Mydea’s seventh in-house 3D printing machine, is essentially a digital ink jet printer conceptually similar to those on the desktops of many U.S. homes. However, the MakerBot’s “ink” is a melted plastic compound that hardens as it cools. By printing successive layers, the MakerBot gradually creates a 3D prototype.

The MakerBot was recently featured on the Colbert Report, a popular Comedy Central show with host Stephen Colbert. As the show aired, the MakerBot created a three-dimensional model of Colbert’s face.

“The impact on different business segments with additive manufacturing is enormous,” Siemer said. “It’s beginning to significantly impact production for medical, aerospace, arts and jewelry, and several other industries,” he said.

Siemer said MakerBot has some advantaged over other 3D printers.

“The MakerBot is portable, fully customizable, and it can print in glow-in-the-dark colors that are easier to identify within a prototype component,” said Siemer. “We can bring the MakerBot to client company offices, trade shows and conferences to show off its capabilities firsthand,” Siemer said.

Mydea Technologies specializes in the rapid manufacture of prototype components for a wide range of technology enterprises.

Mydea is a client of the UCF Business Incubation Program at Central Florida Research Park in east Orange County.

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