MSC Software Announces New Adams/Machinery

MSC Software Corporation, the leader in multidiscipline simulation solutions that accelerate product innovation, today announced Adams/Machinery 2012, a new functional virtual prototyping and multibody dynamics solution for high-fidelity modeling and simulation automation of common machinery components in equipment, such as robotics, conveyors, agricultural equipment and industrial machinery.

Adams/Machinery 2012 is a fully-integrated set of tools within MSC's Adams multibody dynamics software to assist engineers with virtual test and prototyping, and mechanical system simulation in general.

Valuable product attributes for engineers include the following:

  • High-fidelity simulation of common mechanical parts, such as gears, belts, and chains
  • Enhanced productivity with incredibly quick model-solve-evaluate process times
  • An automated, wizard-driven model creation process for ease-of-use
  • Straightforward evaluation of results in Adams/Postprocessor

With this solution suite, equipment and machinery manufacturers will be able to design, model, and evaluate common mechanical components with relative ease in a world-class CAE environment.

Custom Suite of Modeling Productivity Tools
The Adams/Machinery solution provides designers and engineers with a custom set of tools for rapid modeling and pre-processing through automation of activities including geometry creation and establishing subsystem connections. The new offering also assists users with post-processing by providing automated plotting and reporting commonly needed by machinery equipment manufacturers and their suppliers to communicate system performance. Modeling productivity tools in this first release include the following:

  • Gear Module: model and evaluate the behavior of gear pairs for a variety of gear types, including spur, helical, and straight/spiral bevel;
  • Belt Module: examine planar dynamic behavior of belt-pulley systems for a range of belt types, including smooth, poly-V groove, and trapezoidal-toothed designs;
  • Chain Module: model and evaluate the dynamics for both roller and involute, i.e., silent, chain types.

Easy-to-Use Interface for Engineers
With the productivity tools for modeling and pre-processing of chain, gear, and belt components, Adams/Machinery provides an extremely approachable, easy-to-use interface with in-line help and useful information about the components, their connections, and applicability of modeling fidelity options. Wizards help guide users through model setup and provide the ability to quickly edit, modify, and/or change modeling fidelity options.

System-level Optimization within Adams
The Adams/Machinery components are parameterized and compatible with multi-run options for design studies and optimization simulations using Adams/Insight. Engineers can take advantage of the full set of functional virtual prototyping features within Adams and seamlessly extend activities into full system-level simulations to assess overall design performance.

This first release of Adams/Machinery 2012 includes belts, chains, and gears, with bearings, cables, motors and other common machinery components planned for future releases.

"Reducing downtime and warranty claims is of paramount importance to machinery manufacturers around the world. Yet, the utilization of simulation that can provide important insight during the design phase is behind where it is in industries such as aerospace and automotive," said Anthony Gugino, Product Development Manager for Adams/Machinery. "Adams/Machinery changes all of this because of its application focus, ease of use and extensive productivity value."

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