Mitutoyo Contracer® CV-3200/4500 Series Contour Measuring Systems

Mitutoyo America Corporation announces availability of Contracer® CV-3200/4500 Series contour measuring systems. These instruments offer significantly increased productivity by combining fast traverse speeds* with many time saving and accuracy enhancing innovations.

The new Contracer® CV-3200/4500 Series machines feature a precision arc-scale built into the Z1 axis (detector) allowing the arc trajectory of the stylus tip to be read directly, thus minimizing error for best in-class accuracy**. Both series employ an innovative detector arm that lowers workpiece interference while expanding range in the Z1 (detector) axis. The arm is also equipped with collision auto-stop to assure measurement safety even during high-speed movement. Additional safety features in the joystick unit include a drive speed control knob and emergency stop switch.

The Contracer® CV-4500 features continuous measurement of both upper and lower surfaces via a double-sided, conical stylus. This continuous measurement data can be used to facilitate analysis of features that otherwise would be difficult to measure, such as the effective diameter of an internal screw-thread.

The CV-3200/4500 Series machines incorporate a Mitutoyo ABS (Absolute®) scale eliminating the need to reset the origin. Dedicated calibration gages enable the systems to perform sensitive calibrations including Z1-axis gain, symmetry, and stylus radius, in a single, simple operation.

Contracer® CV-3200/4500 Series contour measuring systems include FORMTRACEPAK® contour analysis software as standard. Available in 15 language views, FORMTRACEPAK® offers complete surface roughness and contour inspection, and reporting functionality including new measuring force adjustment capabilities. Contracer® CV-3200/4500 Series instruments support output to measurement data applications such as MeasurLink®, Mitutoyo's real-time, statistical process control and data analysis software solution, appropriate for stand-alone and enterprise wide data management needs.

*(X axis [drive unit]: 80mm/s MAX; Z2 axis [column]: 30mm/s MAX)
**Accuracy: Model CV-3200S4/H4/W4: Z1 axis (detector) = ± (1.6 + | 2H | /100) µm; X axis (drive) = ± [0.8+0.01L]) µm; model CV-4500S4/H4/W4: Z1 axis (detector) = ± (0.8 + | 2H | /100) µm; X axis (drive) = ± (0.8+0.01L) µm.

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