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MICRON3DP, a new Israeli start-up company and member of the IMC Group - ISCAR, which was the first to demonstrate molten glass 3D Printing capabilities over a year ago, is now announcing another step in the progression of its technology. MICRON3DP has just completed the internal installation of its first, fully operational high-resolution glass 3D printers, serving as Alpha units, capable of printing complex glass parts in fast and easy fashion.

"We are constantly improving our glass 3D printing technology and we are proud to operate our first Alpha printers at our facilities , proving the ability to print high-resolution complex glass parts with a layer thickness as low as 100 microns" said Eran Gal-Or, CTO at MICRON3DP.

The patent pending technology is based on the FDM process which is implemented at extremely high temperatures, over 1000 C⁰. Currently, MICRON3DP is using two types of glass: Soda lime and Borosilicate, but is constantly looking for additional types of materials. The printer’s build size is 200mm x 200mm x 300 mm and the build speed is quite similar to the rate of popular industrial FDM printers.

Being one of the most commonly used materials for industrial and personal applications, Glass offers excellent chemical resistance, is Biocompatible, easy to sterilize, transfers light and can withstand high temperatures. The new MICRON3DP printer allows for fast and easy manufacturing of complex glass parts , offering engineers, designers, craftsmen and other users the benefits of Glass 3D Printing option which was not available till now.

Glass 3D Printing opens a wide variety of applications in fields like Medical and Healthcare, Architecture, Arts and Crafts, Security, Micro labs, Microfluidics, Science Research Labs and more. "We are confident that there are many applications in these various markets which are waiting to be explored along the road. We are open for any ideas coming from engineers, designers, artist and other professionals that will see the big potential of using this new technology" said Arik Bracha, CEO at MICRON3DP.

MICRON3DP presently operates several Alpha printers at its facilities in Israel and expects to install the first Beta units towards the end of 2017.

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