MecSoft announces Alibre CAM transition from 3D Systems to MecSoft

MecSoft Corporation announced that effective October 15, 2012, Alibre CAM, a fully integrated CAM product running inside the Alibre Design family of CAD products, will now be sold and supported directly by MecSoft. Prior to this announcement, Alibre CAM was sold and supported by 3D Systems, while MecSoft developed and licensed the software.

“The relationship between MecSoft and 3D Systems remains strong, and we both feel strongly that the Alibre CAM line of products has been very successful and can continue to grow and gain additional market share,” stated Max Freeman, General Manager of Alibre. MecSoft will be announcing shortly the newest version of the software, Alibre CAM 3.

While both MecSoft and 3D Systems have a well established reputation for great customer support, the transition of the product to MecSoft will be to the greatest benefit of Alibre CAM customers. “By having a direct interface with us, customers will have a dynamic and powerful experience with regard to effecting changes in the product, receiving support, and having a community of people to ask questions and draw experience from”, stated Joe Anand, CEO of MecSoft Corporation. “Alibre CAM customers can rest assured that MecSoft is committed to the continued development and support of Alibre CAM and their investment in the product is protected.”

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