Mcor Technologies announces the Mcor Iris, Full Color 3D Printer

Mcor Technologies Ltd, the manufacturer of the only paper 3D printer in the world today took a giant leap forward into full 3D color with the announcement of the Mcor Iris full 3D color printer, which will deliver highest quality color with the finest resolution.

The Mcor Iris joins Mcor’s family of paper 3D printers and the vision of producing high quality, low cost and eco-friendly 3D printing solutions. The Matrix is the only 3D printer in the world that can use Letter paper to make 3D objects – the low cost, eco-way. And the ‘Matrix’ is already in use printing extraordinary things with clients such as the Royal College of Art, Florida State University and KCI Medical.

Now Mcor is taking their technology to the next level with a full color 3D printer using regular letter paper.  The Mcor Iris is named after the ‘Goddess of the Rainbow’, “We see color as an essential offering to our customers – we think in color so our 3D parts should be in color”, said Mcor co-founder and CEO Dr Conor MacCormack.

MacCormack adds, “The Mcor Iris produces sharp vibrant prints; printing on to a pure white media produces better color authenticity and reproduction when compared with other color 3D technologies.” The Iris prints photo-realistic 3D parts with the resolution you would expect from a high quality 2D color printer.

The Iris will also be as easy to use as the Matrix. “We believe that the key to reaching a broader market is about making the equipment as easy to use as a 2D printer”, says Dr Conor MacCormack, “Everyone talks about making 3D printing as easy as ‘printing on paper’ but Mcor is actually making this a reality and now with the Iris it is a full 3D color reality”, said Dr MacCormack.

The parts out of the Iris are robust and have a very smooth surface finish and are ready to handle even without any post-processing; “So with the Iris you get color and strength”, adds MacCormack.

The Iris will open up a world of opportunity to engineering, education, AEC, GIS and entertainment. “Now full color 3D printing will be accessible to everyone with full 3D color needs”, said Dr MacCormack.

Mcor’s goal is to continue to provide accessible 3D printing solutions with many other products to roll out in the near future, “The mantra within Mcor is unfettered innovation, and the Matrix and Iris are just the first in a series of exciting developments for the company moving forward”, said Dr MacCormack.

Mcor’s Chairman, and former Co Founder and CEO, Macrovision, John Ryan believes, “Mcor Technologies' new Iris printer takes 3D printing to a whole new level.  It is the only printer that can make 3D objects in full high-resolution color, offering the same extensive color palette found in top-of-the-line 2D printers.  That, combined with its use of off-the-shelf computer paper as the primary source material, makes the Iris printer the perfect choice for applications where life-like full-color prints, low material cost and clean eco-friendly operation are required.  I have no doubt that the unmatched abilities of Mcor's Iris printers will spawn many new applications for 3D printing and will initiate the migration of 3D printing from the business environment to the home”.

The Mcor Iris will be available later this year with pricing to be released at a later date.

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