Mcor announces plans to revolutionise with free D

Mcor Technologies Ltd, the manufacturer of the only paper 3D printer in the world, the Matrix 300, announced the contents of its freeDcampaign.

For weeks now Mcor has been running a teaser campaign entitled, freeDrevolution, alluding to something ‘free’. At TCT live Mcor revealed the details of their revolution which simply offers, free D! Mcor will now offer their Matrix 300 free to customers.

Mcor, who launched their first 3D printer some 3 years ago at TCT Live in a quest to provide accessible 3D printing, the Matrix is the only 3D printer in the world that can use ordinary/used A4/Letter paper to make 3D objects – the low cost, eco-way. Mcor’s vision from day one was to bring 3D printing to the masses; co-founders Conor and Fintan MacCormack see a future where everyone will have access to the tools required to ‘Create and Make’. “Our journey began with the goal of delivering a low cost, eco-friendly 3D printer and now our vision is to take it to the next level, making the technology truly accessible to everyone with free D – taking that jump across the chasm into a more mainstream market”, says Company CEO Dr Conor MacCormack. The Matrix moved 3D printing within the reach of cost conscious companies and universities but free D moves it one step closer giving ultimate freedom to create 3D models.

In order to create easier access to the technology Mcor will now provide their 3D printer free of charge. Users will then choose from three different print service plans which will enable them to print unlimited parts for the duration of their plan. The print payment plan will also have maintenance built in so there will be no additional costs to the user. So for as little as £9,950 you could be printing to your heart’s content!

“Our vision with the Matrix is to make 3D printing truly accessible – regardless of the economy, every, engineer, student, architect, dentist and doctor should now be able to gain access to the benefits of 3D printing”, said Mcor CEO and co-founder Dr Conor MacCormack. “The Matrix provides that option and free D extends our accessibility even further.”

Free D is available worldwide from October 2011.

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