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MatterFab, a metal 3D printer manufacturing company, announced the completion of its Series A Financing round totaling $5.75 million including investments from GE Ventures and the Innovate Indiana Fund. With the funding, MatterFab will complete the design and development of the company’s first commercial industrial 3D metal printer.

“Our vision is not just to solve today’s biggest challenges with metal 3D printing, but to revolutionize the capabilities of metal printing,” said Matt Burris, CEO at MatterFab. “Achieving that vision begins with developing our new metal 3D printer in partnership with some of the most experienced users of metal additive manufacturing technology.”

As more companies move to create direct production parts via additive manufacturing techniques, the demand for specific requirements is increasing and making commercial industrial 3D printers even more valuable. The investment from GE, a leader in industrial manufacturing, is further validation for MatterFab’s printer, which will be the first affordable, scalable 3D metal printer using next generation laser technology to print solid metal parts.

“GE Ventures is reimagining manufacturing and what is possible on the factory floor, and we see great potential in MatterFab’s offerings and industrial applications,” said Steven Taub, Sr. Director, Investments - Advanced Manufacturing, GE Ventures. “MatterFab’s open platform gives its printing system the flexibility that GE and other industrial leaders need to use additive manufacturing to make a wide variety of functional metal parts for our customers.”

MatterFab looks to address the challenges of today’s additive manufacturing technology by working with partners with significant additive experience and strong awareness of production demands.

“Industries old and new will be impacted by MatterFab’s technology, as markets realize their new potential with additive manufacturing,” said Ken Green, Managing Director of the Innovate Indiana Fund. "We are pleased to work with the MatterFab team as their unique backgrounds in laser technology and CNC protocols make them leaders in the 3D printing field.”

MatterFab has received previous funding from Lemnos Labs.

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