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Matter and Form Inc. announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to raise $150,000 to completely revolutionize mobile photography.

The Bevel clip attachment uses your phone or tablet’s existing camera in order to turn any Android or IOS device into a sophisticated tool that captures photographs in 3D. Priced at $49, it is affordable, universally compatible and easy to use. Bevel attaches to an ordinary headphone jack and fits any smartphone or tablet.

“My team and I think it’s ridiculous that 3D photography isn’t already a part of our everyday lives,” says Drew Cox, Founder and CEO of Matter and Form. “The fact is that the technology exists, has been around for a while actually, but no one has taken the time to translate it into an accessible, user-friendly product. The Bevel will change the way we communicate by integrating 3D photography into our daily online conversations.”

Just as digital cameras disrupted the popularity of 35mm film but providing a new, immediate type of photo processing, allowing for instant person-to-person sharing, 3D photography will revolutionize the way experiences are captured and shared across personal networks. Whether documenting for posterity, sharing rare finds on social media, creating a character for a video game, 3D printing or inspecting an online purchase, the use cases for integrating 3D photographic technology into our daily lives are limitless.

In order for disruptive technology to gain acceptance, a few requirements must be met. Its integration must be seamless and easy to use, it has to be well designed, and it has to work with existing technology. Bevel surpasses these requirements; using Bevel is as intuitive as capturing regular photos with your smartphone or tablet. Ergonomically, it’s the same as taking a panoramic photo, it is affordable and of course, aesthetically beautiful.

Running until August 27th, all Bevel Kickstarter backers will receive the Bevel app for their mobile device or tablet and free access to Cashew, Matter and Form’s exclusive platform for 3D content, which allows users to share 3D photos the same way traditional photos are shared; on social networks, via text message, email, or online.

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