Materialise Releases Magics19

Additive Manufacturing pioneer Materialise is proud to announce the launch of Magics19, the latest release of its leading STL file preparation software for Additive Manufacturing professionals. Focused on making your workflow as efficient as possible, Magics19 improves upon existing tools and modules and offers powerful new features to enhance your workflow capabilities. With Magics19, as with all Materialise software, the aim is to produce the most enjoyable user experience possible and to provide the best tools for 3D Printing and AM production environments.

First launched in 1994, Magics has been providing support to AM professionals for close to two decades.  Enabling users to import a wide variety of CAD formats and export STL files ready for Additive Manufacturing, Magics applications include repairing and optimizing 3D models; analyzing parts; making process-related design changes on STL files; designing fixtures; documenting projects, and planning production.

With Magics19, Materialise’s software developers have created a powerful range of features designed to take your data preparation to the next level. Taking full advantage of our Build Processor technology, these flexible solutions include:

  • Improved labeling and cutting
  • Upgraded reporting functionality
  • Slice distribution option for 3D nesting
  • New marking tools
  • Speed dial, for quick access of your most used functions
  • Milling offset

In addition to the enhanced functionalities, Magics19 is also introducing new and improved modules. The SinterModule has been expanded by adding a slice distribution option for the 3D nester. This allows you to focus on part quality and, with the new built-in mechanism, you can avoid interlocking parts after nesting. New marking tools have been added to the Support Generation (SG) module to provide more flexibility and control during the generation of supports. And for users that need flexibility for multiple materials or different part types, SG profiles have also been introduced. Finally, to ensure that even specialized users such as jewelry makers or those creating industrial metal applications are able to maximize their use of Magics, a new Tree Supports module has been added.

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