Materialise Launches Mobile 3D Printing Classroom in Western China

A new project initiated by Materialise China aims to bring innovation and development to the classrooms in western China.

In cooperation with the Chinese charity organization Adream and TEACH, a provider of educational 3D printing courses, Materialise set up the Dream Bus, where Materialise volunteers are able to give classes to children and let their imaginations turn into reality.

As the school children in the western part of China are more deprived than the urban East, school children there often have less opportunities. The Dream Bus gives them the opportunity to discover technology and also other useful topics. The bus, which is a fully equipped, high-tech classroom, with projectors, tablets and 3D desktop printers, and it will stop in 14 sites throughout six provinces in China.

The schools that have been visited already have received a “Dreamcenter”, which describes a colourful and fully-equipped classroom, donated by Adream.

The classes given to the children teach many useful topics including how to deal with money to how to buy a train ticket, which is very contrary form their usual daily school life. It is information that is completely different from what they learn in school, but will prepare them to be independent, inventive adults in the future.

It is through the innovative and creative lesson content given through the 3D printing classes in particular, where children of different ages can explore the magic of technology.

The 3D printing classes are run by Materialise volunteers, who give classes and choose a topic to inspire and support the imagination of the children. Working with a software program called “Cubeworld”, they are given the opportunity to design objects on tablets, and the designs are subsequently 3d printed with 3D printers provided by TEACH.

The project has proved very popular among the students and has received consistently positive feedback. As a consequence, Materialise plans to continue and even extend the program in the future. The mission statement of Materialise proudly states it wishes to create a better and healthier world, and this project is seen as one of the many steps taken to contribute to society with the power of technology and innovation.


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