Materialise Launches Lightweight Structures Module for 3-matic STL

Materialise is thrilled to announce the launch of a new module for its 3-matic STL software: Lightweight Structures. 3-matic STL is an innovative, flexible tool that allows for design modifications on the STL level. The Lightweight Structures module opens up a whole new world of design possibilities. Designers can reduce the weight of designs; replace solid volumes; create porous designs whileminimizing costs and material usage.

The ability to create lightweight structures during the design phase is a recent phenomenon, and while it offers a wide range of design possibilities, it has been limited by numerous manufacturing challenges. Materialise’s 3-matic STL Lightweight Structures module addresses many of these issues, offering an innovative solution for creating different structures without running into computational issues.

With the Lightweight Structures module, designers can:

  • Create structures that are based on the triangulation of the part being designed, and accurately follow the contours of that part.
  • Create quad-shaped structures which accurately follow the contours of the part.
  • Fill volumes with structures, while still benefitting from quick rendering and computational time thanks to links with Materialise’s Magics and Build Processor software.
  • Fill volumes with randomized structures.
  • Generate connections between structures to automatically link these structures together for improved strength and build-ability. Different types of structures can also be combined to create unique designs.

The Lightweight Structures module can be purchased as a service or as a licensed software package. As a service, Materialise works with designers, creating lightweight structures on their behalf, and if needed, providing design guidance, and manufacturing both samples as well as final parts. For designers who are already familiar with 3-matic STL, and will frequently need to create lightweight designs, software licenses are also available for purchase.

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