Materialise Launches Additive Manufacturing Automation & Control System

Materialise, world leader in software for additive manufacturing (AM), has made another important advancement in the AM industry. As AM is finding its rightful place in the manufacturing world, additional tools are required to drive efficiency throughout the process.

With the largest AM machine capacity in one location in the world and being the trusted software partner of hundreds of companies within the AM industry, Materialise is in a very unique position to fully understand the challenges that are currently facing the industry and is working hard to eliminate the bottlenecks through advanced software systems. With the new AM Automation and Control System, name to be announced at the Materialise World Conference April 18-20 in Leuven, Belgium, AM professionals have control of each step in the work flow from the original order to the moment the piece is delivered to the customer.

The system offers something for everyone whether your role is managing orders, quoting, preparing files, operating the machines, finishing parts, supervising the teams or several of these responsibilities. The robust database centralizes data, including linked CAD files, and provides you with a simple overview of ‘won’ and ‘lost’ quotes, real-time status of ongoing orders, who is working on the project, etc. The full integration with Magics brings huge advantages of producing the correct parts and the number of parts correctly. In addition, repetitive tasks can be handles ‘in the background’ without no users interaction required, allowing you to focus on the files that require insensitive manual interventions.

Another exciting component about the AM automation control system is the build planning component. No matter how you receive files (emails, FTP, discs, etc.), they can easily be integrated into the planning system where you can view the machine availability and begin to set-up builds for the parts that require the same technology, materials and timing. Managers love the new system for the reporting capabilities which can be completely customized to your information needs.

This exciting enhancement to the world of additive manufacturing will be showcased at the Materialise World Conference. You will be able to go from station to station and see the benefits for every member of
your organization. There will be work stations for managing orders and quotes, preparing files, planning and operating the machines, finishing parts, and a managerial component showing the traceability and report capabilities.

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