Mastercam QuickPart

CAD/CAM can be challenging to learn, and even more challenging to teach. Mastercam QuickPart gives students a fast, easy way to design and cut parts while learning the principles of CAD/CAM, and having fun doing it. Mastercam QuickPart is easy to use, and provides a path for instant success.

QuickPart takes a student step-by-step through a basic CAD/CAM application. It uses Mastercam functionality to let a student first design a part, and then create toolpaths to cut the part. From material selection, to stock size, to tool selection, a student will learn the methods involved in manufacturing with state-of-the-art CAM software.

QuickPart guides students through the process of creating simple parts by presenting them with one concept per screen. When students are able to cut parts they designed shortly after being introduced to Mastercam, they are encouraged by their progress and eager to learn more.

Extensive instructor controls allow instructors to configure the program to match their students’ needs and available resources. In addition, each QuickPart project can generate a printable detailed setup sheet showing toolpath, stock size, selected tool, and more that instructors can review before running the CNC machine.

Mastercam QuickPart is a standalone product that has been developed on the Mastercam Demo/Home Learning Edition platform.

For more information on Mastercam QuickPart please contact your local Mastercam Reseller at

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