Inventors Offer a Fresh Approach for the Current Economic Blues by Helping People Re-Invent Themselves with an Innovative, Step by Step book

This book offers a complete inventor’s guide from the “aha” moment through the entire process of development of a new idea, and is targeted at inventors and entrepreneurs of any type of product. Everyone has good ideas, and this easy-to-follow guidebook will, among many other benefits, help them determine if their idea is worth pursuing before they pour money into it.

“Our goal is to empower people in all walks of life, unemployed or employed, with the necessary tools that can make them successful,” stated Mark McKitrick. Co-author Dr. Kim Sena states that their proprietary included patent template allows the user to professionally complete their own patent for the cost of the government filing fee of $110.00.

The book is loaded with real life experiences and can help readers avoid the many pitfalls that occur in the field of inventing. The guide offers step by step instructions, along with timing triggers, and several business tools that include; a patent template, business plan template, confidential disclosure agreement, and a brochure template, all of which are offered in electronic and in written form.

In addition to the guide, the book uniquely includes support mechanisms for every phase of the inventor’s product development, including design, prototype development, local and international procurement, and venture capital procurement.

“For years people have said I should write a book so I can help everyone”, states McKitrick. “We know the success rate for new products is less than 10%, and we can improve those odds dramatically by helping inventors think rationally. We have made mistakes over the years that have ultimately led to success, albeit the hard way, and this book will hopefully steer others away from making the same mistakes.”

Joe Finkler, President and co-founder of Grand Rapids (MI) Inventors Club, says that he is excited to see this step by step guide as inventors are always looking for help when they get stuck. This guide is an awesome tool with value that far exceeds the cost of $129.00, and I am going to recommend it to everyone.

“The Complete Guide to Inexpensive Ideaing” is available at all fine bookstores, and electronically at:

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