MakerLaunch Debuts New Crowdfunding Site

A new crowdfunding site, MakerLaunch, debuted featuring its first “maker” project, the Deohako iPad Connection System.

MakerLaunch aims to help the hardware entrepreneur (Maker) launch products for the gadget enthusiast. Makers keep 100% of their equity and pre-sell their inventions to the MakerLaunch community. Setting up a launch page is free. MakerLaunch applies a 5% fee to funds collected.

Benefits to the inventor include:

  • Quick access to pre-sale funds
  • Two-way customer communication
  • A marketplace that targets the relevant buyer
  • Social tools that increase social reach

“MakerLaunch helps the new class of makers share inventions and find support globally," says founder, Stacy Yamaoka.

The “maker economy” is exploding due to advances in 3D printing technology, decreased manufacturing costs, and social innovation. At the same time, there has been a recent crackdown on product innovation from the leading crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, making it difficult for makers to launch on a legitimate platform.

MakerLaunch was created to address this growing need within the maker community. Yamaoka believes this growing group has the power to change the face of social innovation, leading to a new wave of small business creation, and billions of “maker” dollars added to the global economy.

"MakerLaunch is not just about crowdfunding, but aims to provide a supportive community dedicated to helping real makers be successful," says Yamaoka.

MakerLaunch is currently in limited beta and accepting applications for inventors interested in launching on this new platform.

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