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Magicfirm Europe AB and Hawk 3D Proto announced a strategic partnership to deliver the ZYYX line of 3D printers and materials for the UK market.

Magicfirm is expanding its product portfolio and subsequently establishing several new resellers for the ZYYX 3D Printer brand. The UK is the latest addition to this list of markets.

Mats Moosberg, CEO and creator of ZYYX 3D Printer: “The ZYYX was developed with reliability and safety in mind, with companies and schools as intended users. This type of customer requires first class support before and after buying a 3D printer, something that we consequently look for in any potential ZYYX reseller. We are therefore very happy to have made this partnership with Hawk 3D Proto, a company that has proven themselves over a number of years in this capacity.”
Hawk 3D Proto will resell the ZYYX line of 3D printers, along with all supporting materials and parts. They additionally will provide first line support for users.

Ben Hawksworth, CEO of Hawk 3D Proto, has this to say about this new partnership:

“We are very happy and proud to be the first Reseller of the ZYYX line of 3D printers here in the UK and we will also cover Ireland too. After sometime of testing the printer and noticing its capabilities to print just about anything from PLA to exotic filaments such as Proto-Pasta Stainless Steel and flexible materials we felt that this would be a great addition to our product range. The ZYYX+ is an ideal 3D Printer for anyone who needs high quality 3D Prints but with ease of use. The automatic bed leveling and calibration makes it just so easy to print with, direct drive extrusion, print monitoring and filament monitoring, what more could you ask for at that price point. We also like that fact that the printer has a fume filter, this is another excellent point for this machine as it will be a great addition to any classroom aswell.”

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