New high-output HyperMach® H-Series profiler adds range and capacity to aerospace part manufacturing

MAG IAS, LLC's new HyperMach® H-series profiler sets the industry standard for high output machining of large monolithic aluminum or titanium aerospace parts. H-series horizontal machining centers offer a wide choice of spindle speeds and torques to match material requirements for high-speed machining of aluminum, high-torque titanium cutting with the HyperMach GTi, or the wide-range capabilities of the HyperMach Ti, with increased stiffness and a high-torque motorized spindle for applications that require machining both aluminum and titanium. The 5-axis HyperMach H-Series turns the typical profiler concept on its side in a fixed-column, traveling table arrangement available in 2 m x 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 m. A moving column configuration is available to handle single or nested parts up to 2 m x 20 m. All HyperMach H-series machines are available with optional 3 m wide pallets, increasing the Y-axis travel to 3200 mm (126 in) for range to machine larger parts such as wing ribs, spars, bulkheads and fuselage frames.

For machining aluminum, the H-series features a standard high-speed 30,000 rpm/60 kW/29 Nm spindle. An optional 20,000 rpm/85 kW/85 Nm spindle is also available. The GTi model uses an HSK100A 6000 rpm/52 kW/854 Nm high-torque geared spindle to machine titanium and other hard metals, while the new HyperMach Ti wide-range model handles applications that require machining both aluminum and titanium with a hearty 12,000 rpm/60 kW/250 Nm spindle. The Ti delivers a combination of moderate speed and increased power to enhance cutting performance to machine a broader range of materials for manufacturing flexibility.  

All HyperMach H-Series machines feature a patented full-portal, open-center design, allowing chips to fall through to a high-volume conveyor to avoid chip re-cutting and the need for a blow-off attendant, further improving productivity by reducing labor and parasitic time to keep the machine clean. Programmable, variable high-pressure through-spindle and external coolant system is a standard feature on the GTi version. Pallet load can be from the right or left side, and the chip conveyor can be configured to discharge in either direction. Installation is on a flat floor, which reduces the cost and time required for installation by avoiding the need for pits and expensive multi-step foundations. This makes future reconfiguration of the plant layout easy. Combined with MAG’s CINCRON® cell automation modules, the H-series design allows virtually an infinite number of material handling and cell configurations for extremely flexible multi-machine and multi-pallet part manufacturing.

The HyperMach machine design is covered by four patents, including one for the rigid four-point lockup between the column and table base, which provides consistent stiffness and improved accuracy throughout the work zone. A second patent covers the "flight deck" ergonomics of the operator station. Its layout permits visual monitoring of the machine's HMI, the work zone, the tool change process, tool in the ready position, the tool magazine itself, and utilities panel, as well as immediate physical access to the work zone. A third patent covers maintenance and reliability issues – motors and drives are on the exterior of the machine, away from workzone contamination, and critical drive components, such as ways, bearings, ballscrews, and feedback scales, can be accessed and serviced from the exterior of the machine. A fourth patent covers the pallet handling system, which allows a pallet to be loaded from either or both sides of the machine without any modification to the system, permitting a wide variety of work handling configurations without modification to the machine.

MAG's HyperMach® H-series profilers add range and capacity with new models for high-speed, high-torque and now wide-range aerospace manufacturing applications. Models available for aluminum, titanium, and new wide-range that offer a combination of speed and torque to machine a broader range of soft and hard metals. For greater capacity, all HyperMach H-series models are offered with optional 3 x 4 meter pallets up to 20 meters for capacity to machine an even wider range of aerospace parts, such as massive wing ribs, spars, bulkheads, and fuselage frames.

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