MAG’s new XTi Profiler Machines Titanium at 90+ cubic Inches Per Minute

MAG's new XTi “super profiler” takes aerospace machining to a record altitude, demonstrating a 90-cubic-inch-per-minute metal removal rate (MRR) in titanium prior to shipment to Aerospace Dynamics International, Inc. (ADI), Valencia, California.

The machines are part of a $100 million expansion that includes a new 120,000-sq-ft manufacturing center. The two machines will share a 120-foot X-axis rail for multi-part production of titanium components for the Boeing 777 and 787, and Airbus A350.

According to Chip Storie, MAG Executive Vice President, the 3-axis, 5-spindle XTi profiler is engineered and built for maximum dynamic stiffness and sustained power in titanium roughing operations to meet ADI’s aggressive processing requirements. “ADI's goal was to set a new standard for producing titanium parts at the lowest cost per piece, and the XTi Profiler provides that capability and more," he emphasized. “This machine is in a performance class by itself, equipped with a massive cross rail and robust spindle design that enable it to perform at this high rate on a sustained basis.”

ADI President and CEO John Cave added: "This is the stiffest profiler we’ve ever seen in action. We typically rough machine Ti 6A14V with a radial depth of cut (RDOC) of 0.38 inch and axial depth of cut (ADOC) of 1.5 to 2.5 inches. During our visit we had MAG machine an angular channel in titanium, with 4.0 inch axial depth and a 1.5 inch radial depth. We were impressed at the ease with which these cuts were made. The machine peeled off perfect '6-shaped' chips with no chatter or sign of structural instability. The part finish was excellent. It was a remarkable demonstration and exceeded our expectations, giving us confidence as we move forward with plans for the new 5-axis model of the XTi."

The XTi profiler uses five spindle motors capable of up to 3500 rpm, each rated 51 kW (68 hp) and producing 2523 Nm (1860 ft lb) of torque. The machine is engineered with a new spindle support structure that is incorporated into an extremely stiff, heavyweight gantry for superior damping. The massive cross rail is 77 percent larger than previous designs, providing added stiffness, rigidity and damping for high-horsepower, chatter-free machining. To handle that power and torque, the ADI profilers are equipped with 60-taper tools for highly efficient roughing and finishing operations. The XTi is available with HSK 125A tool interface as an option. Five 6-pocket tool exchangers, located at each end of the work zone, permit five tool exchanges per machine. X-axis motion is powered by rack-and-pinion drives on both rails, while Y and Z axes are driven by large-diameter ballscrews, with a counterbalance and brake on the Z.

The two new 5-spindle XTi profilers join 32 other mostly MAG profilers at ADI. "Our business is growing, and we need manufacturing capacity to keep pace with the strong market," Cave added. "Five-spindle profilers give us a significant competitive advantage."

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