Unity to Provide Direct Import Capabilities for modo

Following Unity Technologies’ announcement of version 3.2 of Unity on Feb. 10, Luxology® LLC is excited to announce that Unity 3.2 users will now be able to import objects directly from modo, Luxology’s 3D rendering and modeling software. Unity 3.2, the company’s popular game development tool, now natively imports modo 501 files that have been saved to Luxology’s .LXO format. Converted files are visible in the Project View inside of Unity.

modo 501 is required for native import of .LXO files but users working with an older version of modo can still import artwork, models and content by saving the modo scene as an FBX or COLLADA file into the Unity project folder. Unity currently imports the following features from within modo:

* All nodes with position, rotation and scale. Pivot points and names are also imported.
* Meshes with vertices, normals and UVs
* Materials with texture and diffuse color
* Multiple materials per mesh
* Animations

“modo has always been my go-to package for game development and, with Unity 3.2, using modo to create content for Unity games has never been easier,’ said Wes McDermott, multimedia artist and Unity 3.2 beta tester. “I am now able to easily import my working modo scene without having to create an intermediate file and make edits by simply jumping back to modo, editing and saving the scene with the changes automatically being updated in my Unity project.”

Pricing and Availability

Unity 3.2 is available from Unity by visiting http://unity3d.com/unity/download/. To learn more about modo 501, please visit Luxology’s website at www.luxology.com

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