LPKF Laser & Electronics - 10 Years of Laser Plastic Welding

An outstanding example of close co-operation between science and business: the Laser Welding Division of LPKF Laser & Electronics AG (LPKF) celebrates its 10th anniversary in July. In 2001, LPKF and former staff of the Bavarian laser centre established LaserQuipment AG, which subsequently merged in 2005 with LPKF to form a separate business division.

LPKF Laser Welding develops and markets systems for the through-transmission laser welding of plastics. In addition to production and development activities, LPKF operates a special Application Center for laser plastic welding at its Erlangen facility. Laser plastic welding is able to substitute conventional methods, in particular for complex joining tasks.

In 2009, in the middle of the financial crisis, the unit achieved a record turnover of Euro 5.3 million, only to beat this record again by a huge mar-gin of 55 percent during financial year 2010, achieving  sales of Euro 8.2 million. Reaching the Euro 10 million mark is a strong possibility in 2011.

LPKF Laser & Electronics AG manufactures machines and laser systems used in electronics fabrication, medical technology, the automotive sector, and the production of solar cells. Around 20 percent of the workforce is engaged in research and development.

For more information, visit: www.lpkf.com

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