LPKF Introduces New ProtoMat S-Series

LPKF Laser & Electronics continues its innovative efforts in circuit board prototyping with the redesign of the best known product group: ProtoMat® S-Series. Each system features improved functions, a higher level of automation and upgrade options.

The entry-level ProtoMat® S43 is a milling machine that provides a great introduction into the world of professional rapid PCB prototyping. For those with an occasional use and/or limited budget, the ProtoMat® S43 has the precision and capacity for drilling, de-paneling and structuring printed circuit boards and engraving front panels. It comes equipped with a 40,000 RPM spindle motor, a working area of 9” x 12, and has the ability to produce multiple design iterations in the same day. The state-of-the-art LPKF ProtoMat® S63 circuit board plotter masters 2.5D material processing such as routing of pockets, and features a programmable spindle speed of up to 60,000 RPM, making it ideal for drilling test adapters or housing enclosures. Entirely new to the system is a mounted dispenser which applies soldering paste to the circuit board automatically with minimum data preparation, and standard to the system is an intelligent fiducial camera, a 15-position automatic tool change and an automatic milling width adjustment; letting nothing stand in the way of producing precise double-sided and multilayer circuit boards right in the electronics lab.

The top-of-the-line ProtoMat® S103 is equipped for all application areas including RF and Microwave prototypes. Meeting the highest standards in geometry and accuracy, the special carbide tools produce straight sidewalls and reduce penetration depth to allow milling and drilling of delicate material. In addition the S103 cuts irregularly shaped, flexible circuit boards from large panels and its superior features include a 100,000 RPM spindle motor for milling ultra fine structures, a fiducial recognition camera, a vacuum table to securely mount substrates on the plotter, and a pneumatic milling depth limiter.

Britta Schulz, VP of the Rapid PCB Prototyping Division, explains the development objectives, “We have incorporated requests from users in this new ProtoMat family. Each ProtoMat can be upgraded to the next evolution through simple means – from S43 to S63 or right to the S103. The upgrade sets are available now and represent another way of safeguarding the investment.”

For more information on the ProtoMat S43 visit: www.lpkfusa.com/protomat/s-series.htm

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