3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Global Summit 2013

There has been much hype around the transformational potential of 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies, which now seem to be gaining critical mass and momentum in their applications.

Yet for businesses to justify investment, clarity is required on what these new technologies really mean in terms of commercial opportunities for industrial production – specifically the costs, limitations and identification of where these processes could generate new value alongside traditional manufacturing methods.

The 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing Industrial Applications Summit is an industry-led forum designed specifically to identify the real business benefits and new opportunities these technologies present.

Bringing together a cross-section of industry leaders and experts, you will be able to gain first hand insights on successful commercial applications, state of the art developments, and ultimately the steps necessary to enable scalability.

Hear from EADS, BAE Systems, Williams F1, Dyson and other users of additive manufacturing technologies explain the strategic reasoning behind investment and their visions of what these new processes really mean in terms of commercial opportunities for industrial production.

Topics Include:

  • INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS: Lessons from early adopters and case studies of additive manufacturing technologies in application today: Where does the rubber meet the road?
  • STATE OF THE ART: Assessing the latest innovations in additive manufacturing: Which technologies are receiving attention in terms of investment and research?
  • POTENTIAL FOR MASS PRODUCTION: Assessing scalability barriers to producing reliable, reproducible products at high quality
  • MATERIAL DEVELOPMENTS: Understanding what is possible today and the latest advances with the use of metals & polymers
  • DESIGNING FOR ADDITIVE MANUFACTURE: Examining practical applications of new design processes and shapes to overcome limitations of traditional manufacturing processes and create new functionality
  • EQUIPMENT & MATERIAL COSTS: Understanding current capital cost limitations as a function of size and fidelity: What should a financial balance sheet look like to justify investment?

Speaker Faculty Includes:

  • Simon Bradley, VP, Global Innovation Network, EADS
  • Stephen Morgan, Group Leader - Materials Engineering, Advanced Technology
  • Centre, BAE Systems
  • Rainer Rauh, VP, Head of Materials and Processes, EADS
  • Veena Pureswaran, Global Electronics Industry Lead, IBM
  • Jessica Middlemiss, Senior Materials Engineer, Dyson
  • Richard Brady, Advanced Digital Manufacturing Leader, Williams F1
  • Ralph Shwenger, R&D Director, HEAD Sports
  • Steve Tremlin, Prototyping Manager, Dyson

Register by October 4th and get a £100 discount to attend. Use code ‘PROTO15’ during checkout.

For more information please visit: www.3d-printing-additive-manufacturing.com

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