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As more and more people are discovering 3D printing, there is an increasing need for people with hands-on experience to share their knowledge. Australian 3D printing experts Aussie3D and Charne Esterhuizen, have come together to launch Let Mike Make It, a new YouTube channel providing accurate and valuable information.

To start with, Let Mike Make It will provide consumers with reviews for the entire Aussie 3D product range, and will then review as many printers as possible. This will help new enthusiasts make informed decisions before buying their first printers.

To launch, Aussie 3D has released two Top 5 3D Printers video reviews, one for printers over $2,000 and  under $10,000 AUD. Then next week the best 3d printers under $2000. Both videos provide in-depth information explaining exactly why each printer was chosen. Viewers are also encouraged to send in requests for objects to be printed and Let Mike Make It will make clear and easy-to-follow instructional videos teaching people how to print that object and how to get the most out of their own printer at home. The finished model will be sent to the viewer who requested it, free of charge.

Whilst 3D printing is still in its early stages of development, it’s also one of the most rapidly changing industries in the world. This unfortunately results in a large amount of information that is already outdated, or quite simply erroneous. After establishing itself as one of the leading 3D printer suppliers in Australia, Aussie 3D is now developing itself as a reference portal for consumers looking for reliable and unbiased advice, tips and more.

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