Kracoe, Szykula & Townsend Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Kracoe, Szykula & Townsend, Inc., an industrial advertising and public relations firm celebrated its 25th anniversary on July 15, 2016.

The firm, started in 1991 by Roland Kracoe, Ed Szykula and Andrew Townsend, began with the positioning statement, “Things can change, if you just change your approach” bringing a fresh approach to business-to-business and in particular industrial marketing communications. That position still holds true today. The firm started with zero clients and today boasts over 25.

Kracoe retired in 2015 and the firm is currently being managed by Szykula and Townsend.

The company works with many clients that are leaders in their respective industries. Its current client list includes Walter, a cutting tool manufacturer, BLM GROUP USA, a tube processing equipment manufacturer, Creform, a materials handling systems provider and Fixtureworks, a national industrial distributor and manufacturer to name a few. The firm also works with service providers such as The 3-Dimensional Services Group, a prototype and low-volume production manufacturer. The agency continues to experience steady growth.

In a related matter, although the official corporate name will not change, the company has re-branded itself as KST. According to Ed Szykula, account director “We just felt it was a good time to simplify our name. Our name has served us well, particularly when we first opened our doors and our names had recognition, value and cache with the industries that we serve. It will still continue to be the official corporate name, but it can be a tongue twister, and we felt it was time to give everyone answering the phones a break.”

The new branding also prompted a new logo and positioning statement for the firm. Andrew Townsend, creative director “Our new logo is a symbol that represents a change in continuity. The past reinterpreted into a modern key to represent us for the challenges of the future and our positioning statement, “The Message Matters” reflects and reaffirms what our agency is all about, creating content and messages that are meaningful and persuasive for our clients.”

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