Kraftwurx announces public beta launch of community for 3D printed products

Kraftwurx is not a simple manufacturing company making custom products, it’s a revolutionary new way to print the planet in 3D. Kraftwurx is a social community for artists, engineers, designers and anyone with an idea where your ideas are made into products, printed in 3D and sold to the world as real products.

Kraftwurx is partnering with 3D printing companies around the globe, creating the worlds first and only networked manufacturing system of 3D printers, ready to make products and ship them to your door. We currently have over 600 bureaus and 40+ materials in our network and it is growing every day! Kraftwurx also provides an outlet for creative people to make money because products on Kraftwurx are designed by community members and sold on the site.

As an educational tool for 3D design and printing, Kraftwurx has a lot to offer. The site is available in 58 languages and has a real-time chat system in your own language. The site also features a Facebook-like social platform designed exclusively for those interested in learning about 3D printing and selling products.

Kraftwurx is a very efficient and cost effective way to bring products to market. Every product for sale on Kraftwurx is stored as a 3D model (or an assembly of models) and produced through 3D printing only when a customer orders something from the site. Products are drop shipped directly to the customer. The software that powers Kraftwurx makes decisions on where to produce your product when you order it. It looks for the closest facility to you that can make your item. This saves time because the items will often be made locally. As a business owner, it is not difficult to see that the business model has merits.

It’s a compelling business model which reduces the need for transportation and fuel, because products are made near the end user. It also eliminates the need for inventory and warehouses because products are stored as 3D models until someone orders an item. Early next year, Kraftwurx will be adding the ability for customers to customize and personalize many of the products for sale in the site.

Satisfied business owners and end customers are the result of all this because consumers get custom products that meet their unique needs quickly, and cheaply and businesses are able to bring new products to market without the need for their own supply chain and warehouses.

Kraftwurx has amassed a network of several hundred 3D printer facilities globally and the number is growing. The trend reflects the movement back to more localized manufacturing. As this trend continues, consumers will notice more products available with Kraftwurx & Digital Factory at the epicenter of the movement. Kraftwurx is currently experiencing traffic from 86 countries & territories around the world. The sites traffic is increasing by 3000% monthly.

Kraftwurx is based on a business model developed in 2005 and patented in 2006 by Digital Reality. In 2006, the company launched a beta website to showcase the idea and raise capital. Work has continued quietly ever since. Digital Reality has been monitoring the market which, has gradually developed into a working method to make real products, without a factory and costly labor force and they felt the timing was right to make the announcement.

In 2004, Chris Norman, a Manufacturing Engineer from Texas A&M University and avid 3D designer realized that 3D printers were maturing enough to be used for the consumer products market but enabling technologies did not exist. He began work on the system that powers Kraftwurx through a patent called “Made-To-Order Digital Manufacturing Enterprise” and turned it into a factory-in-a-box that you can purchase much like you would buy Microsoft Office. It enables you to open a web-based store where the products are 3D models until purchased and then printed in 3D without any additional software or services. It includes a system that enables consumers to customize and personalize their own products and see what they are buying in 3D on their computer at work or home.

The Kraftwurx community is wrapped around Digital Factory™ which allows the community members to upload their 3D models in a sellers account and sell them to anyone around the world.

Even users with little or no experience in 3D design can turn an idea into a product and earn money from it. Kraftwurx has a system called Alchemy where an idea can be posted. Other community members can assist in the product’s 3D design and development. Compensation can then be negotiated in terms of actual cash or potential profit from future sales of the finished design. With Alchemy, 3D experience is not necessary.

Kraftwurx is easy to use for everyone, whether you are a designer, seller or a 3D printer and the community brings everyone together, regardless of nation or language.

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