KMT Robotic Solutions leads the way in investment casting shell and core removal

KMT Robotic Solutions recently received an order from a North American manufacturer of investment cast orthopedic implants for a robotic shell removal system. The KMT system, using a FANUC robot, replaces a hard automation water blast booth with a highly precise and efficient robotic cleaning and shell removal system. KMT is the only commercial supplier of robotic shell removal and core removal systems with production installations producing investment cast parts.

"By accurately controlling the nozzle path, stand off, orientation, and water pressure our robotic cleaning and shell removal systems are able to produce consistently cleaner parts while reducing energy and water consumption," said Mark Handelsman, Advanced Technology Product Manager at KMT Robotic Solutions. "For some applications where we are replacing caustic baths or shot blasting, our customers have the added benefit of eliminating processes with costly waste disposal or environmental issues. Plus, with our JetTool™ software the robots can easily be reprogrammed for different part models so that there is no loss in cleaning efficiency."

The KMT system works in conjunction with a second robotic system provided by Acme Manufacturing that cuts off and unloads the cast parts from the sprue. By combining the cleaning and cut off cells, no additional handling is required and overall throughput is increased. The robotic shell removal system assures a clean gate so that there is no unnecessary wear of the cut off wheel caused by any left on shell material.

"We have invested a significant amount of resources in developing this market and helping to make sure that our lead customers were successful," said Bruce Potts, President and CEO of KMT Robotic Solutions. "Feedback from these customers has been extremely positive thanks to large reductions in per part processing costs, higher more consistent throughput, and greater flexibility for changes and future programs."

In addition to orthopedic implants, KMT Robotic Solution shell and core removal systems are used to clean parts for aerospace, automotive and other investment casting markets.

"Any mid- to high-volume investment caster who is struggling with issues related to the effectiveness of their vibratory or blast booth systems could benefit from a robotic cleaning system," said Handelsman. "KMT's robotic cleaning system will also help investment casters who are concerned about water, energy or shot media costs or have issues with caustic baths damaging their parts."

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