IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2013 Released

IronCAD, LLC, the leading provider of 3D design productivity solutions, today announced the release of the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite 2013. The 2013 IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite is a complete range of products that include IRONCAD, INOVATE, IRONCAD DRAFT, TRANS, and IronCAD's latest product IRONCAD COMPOSE. With the addition of COMPOSE, this integrated suite provides real collaboration between all departments of an organization enabling companies to communicate design data with customers from initial design to the configuration of the final product.

Using the IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite products, users can leverage 3D within a 2D design process, conceptualize in 3D freely without regard to the modeling feature history order dependencies, interrogate and share designs throughout the enterprise, and can complete full 3D and 2D production designs.

"We are extremely excited about the 2013 release of the Design Collaboration Suite," commented Richard Serna, IronCAD's VP of Sales, "With many customer driven productivity enhancements and the addition of IRONCAD COMPOSE, customers truly have a design solution that allows them to use design data in an entirely new way by allowing all aspects of an organization to participate in the design, promotion, and selling of a company's products. Thereby meeting customer's needs in a more efficient and effective way which allows companies to be more profitable," he continued.

Working closely with customers, the new suite of products offer real productivity gains to users across the entire product development process through additional enhancements in performance, flexibility and collaboration. Some of these customer driven feature enhancements implemented in this latest version include:

Productivity Focused and Streamlined Functionality Improvements Including:

  • Associative Reference for Pro/E and UG/NX Imported Data
  • Faster Methods to Complete Commands Using Middle Mouse
  • Scene Browser Quick Search and Filtering
  • Scene Browser Display Filter Modes
  • Tabular Document Display for Open Documents
  • Direct Input Fields Support for Mathematical Input
  • Extrude Feature Support for Remove Material Side (inside/outside)
  • Extrude Feature Support Single Line and Thickness
  • Smooth Camera Orientation Movements for Zoom/Look At
  • Import Placement Based on Cursor Pick Locations

General Modeling Improvements Including:

  • 2D Text Input in the Sketch Mode
  • Clearance Check for Parts/Assemblies
  • Constraint Status Display in Scene Browser
  • Large Toolbar Icon Support
  • Support for Direct Editing Offset, Delete Face, and Match Face in Structured Parts
  • Sew Command to Convert Closed Surfaces to Solids
  • Solidify Command To Combine Solids and Closed Surfaces into a Solid
  • Direct Face Modification Maintain Tangent Control on Moving Faces
  • Direct Face Modification Maintain Face Size on Move
  • Direct Face Modification Support for Circular Pattern Recognition
  • Sheet Metal Unfold of Overlap Support
  • Sketch Edit Constraint Dimension Command
  • Assembly support for Material Properties
  • Link Options for Material Properties

2D Technical Drawing Improvements in IRONCAD DRAFT Including:

  • Hole Callout Tool for Standard and Threaded Holes
  • Hole Table Support for Display of Callout Information
  • Support for Shaded Views Display
  • Configuration BOM Support
  • Cosmetic Thread ISO Style Support
  • Export BOM on 64-bit to Excel
  • Crop View Support
  • Automatic Item Bubble Improvements (No Overlap, Alignment)
  • Item Bubble Manual Creation Option to Follow BOM or Reorder

3rd Party Connection Updates:

  • SketchUp Import Support into 3D
  • Rhino Plugin Support for Rhino 4

The IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite products and its accompanying portfolio of Gold Partner Products are available for immediate download. Shipments to existing customers will begin mid-November 2012. An evaluation copy of the latest product version is also available for download.

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