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Tractus3D, a manufacturer of FDM 3D printers and Innofil3D, a manufacturer of filaments have announced that they will partner up. From the first of March Innofil3D will be branded as preferred filament supplier for Tractus3D. With this partnership the companies aim to benefit from each other’s strengths to develop industrial applications for 3D Printing.

Tractus3D is based in Ammerzoden the Netherlands and specializes in industrial 3D-printers. With the development of 3D-printers which can operate at high temperatures the company aimed to service the most demanding user. With as well desktop models, educational printers, as large format 3D-printers which are able to print up to 2.1 meters, Tractus3D offers a comprehensive range of high end 3D-printers. The company also has models which are able to process PC (Polycarbonate), POM, Ultem and PEEK.

At the end of 2015 Innofil3D implemented its strategy to develop 3D-printing filaments for industrial applications. In 2016 PRO1 was the first material to be released in the Professional Series range. With this special compound Innofil3D was able to improve the mechanical properties of PLA substantially. With a tensile strength which exceeds printed ABS, an improved impact strength and flexural strength PRO1 is the ideal filament for demanding users who expect easy to print filaments, dimensional consistency of their prints, and high surface quality of their models.

An additional feature the researchers of Innofil3D managed to realize with PRO1 is the increased printing speeds. Due to an improved flow rate the filament is able to operate at printing speeds up to 150 mm/sec. This results in a reduced print time of 30% – 80%.

The features of PRO1 sparked the interest of Tractus3D. Ben Schilperoort CEO of Tractus3D explains: “Professionals are the primary target group for us and they have a demand for high performance materials. Our printers are used by professionals who set high standards. We believe that this group will benefit from a filament like PRO1 which has excellent mechanical properties and is also easy to process. With Innofil3D we have found a partner that understands the requirements of our target group and we are convinced that our customers will benefit from this partnership. Innofil3D will supply us with standard 750 gr reels and will also deliver filaments on 4.5 KG and 8.5 KG reels.”

Roger Sijlbing Sales Manager Innofil3D is also very pleased with the collaboration as he explains: “ Working with a partner like Tractus3D strengthens our conviction to realize industrial solutions. Their high end printers enable us to introduce materials which were previously almost impossible to 3D-print. As the Tractus3D 3D-printers are build to process these high performance materials we believe that this collaboration is a perfect match. We start with our PRO1 which offers a solution in terms of improved mechanical properties and efficiency. Reducing your processing time with 30%-80% is a massive advantage especially if you print bigger than desktop size.”

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