INEOS Styrenics Announces Launch of ZYLAR 960 Resin

INEOS Styrenics today announces the launch of ZYLAR® 960 resin. 960 is the newest addition to the ZYLAR product line of clear, impact-modified styrene acrylic copolymers, and sets the bar for a new level of practical toughness without adversely affecting resin clarity. With a typical notched Izod impact strength of 11 ft-lb/inch, ZYLAR 960 was engineered for demanding injection molding applications.

For the past 20 years the ZYLAR family of clear, impact resistant resins has been synonymous with toughness and ease of processing in applications from housewares to medical devices. The newest addition to the product family, ZYLAR 960, expands and enhances the ZYLAR product line by offering practical toughness in the range of many grades of polycarbonate. Building on its proud styrenic heritage, ZYLAR 960 has a lower density and provides processing advantages over alternative resins like polycarbonate and copolyesters.

With ongoing efforts by molders to manage high energy costs and reduce molding cycle times, the value and performance provided by ZYLAR resins has never been greater. The low density, excellent flow properties, and low moisture retention of ZYLAR resins can result in significant energy savings and processing efficiencies. Add to this the fact that all INEOS Styrenics High Performance resins, including ZYLAR, NAS®, and CLEARBLEND®, are manufactured without bisphenol A or phthalates for safe use in infant care, houseware, and medical applications.

The launch of ZYLAR 960 demonstrates the commitment of INEOS Styrenics to being an industry leading and customer focused organization, delivering consistently innovative, high quality products and services.

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