3D Printing Live! USA 2014

The latest forecasts by IDTechEx, including ten key markets, show the 3D Printing Industry will reach over $14B by 2025. At 3D Printing LIVE! IDTechEx Director, Dr Jon Harrop, will share his insights and discuss the applications, unmet needs and future markets of the 3D Printing Industry.

On November 19-20, leading innovators in 3D printing will come together in Silicon Valley at one of USA's leading conferences on emerging printing technologies. 3D Printing LIVE! brings the world of new and emerging 3D printing technologies to an audience representing current and potential end-users. Attendees at the conference will gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest technological advances in 3D Printing, with end-users across a range of application areas reporting on their experiences and requirements.

End-users often report to IDTechEx that lack of precision and slow build speed restrain their use of 3D printing for final product manufacture. The technical aspects of increasing resolution and throughput will be explored by Bosch Rexroth and TNO. Boeing have 12 years of end-user experience and have laser-sintered 20,000 thermoplastic parts for non-critical applications. They will describe their research on direct write technologies.

A wider variety of material properties are desired by end-users. Printrbot, Arevo Labs, Metalysis, Graphene 3D Lab and CRP USA will discuss their various materials developments including stronger polymers, a new way to produce metal powders, graphene-enhanced materials and 3D printing carbon fibre composites.

OmniDynamics have recently launched their desktop thermoplastic recycler which is a potentially disruptive technology, reducing the thermoplastic filament market for chemical suppliers and filament formulators, but reducing the running costs of thermoplastic extruders for end-users.

3D Printing LIVE! will assess the proliferation of 3D Printing from prototyping into final product manufacture, using case studies in a variety of industries, including talks from Flextronics, Architected Materials, Optomec and Solidscape.

IDTechEx believes 3D Bioprinting is going to realise its full potential within the coming decade. The addressable markets are valued at $150B. The in-vitro testing market is currently $60B. Rod Jose from Tufts University will speak about Biomedical and Tissue Engineering Applications.

There has been rapid growth in sales of consumer level printers for hobbyists and professionals. In January, the total worldwide installed base of Makerbot reached 44,000. MakerBot's VP of R&D, Dr Jan Sumerel, will speak following their year of exceptional growth. Erick Wolf from Airwolf 3D will discuss the use of desktop 3D Printers for Rapid Prototyping and MadeSolid will present on the market forces from a materials perspective.

The potential for off-planet manufacturing is a poster-child for 3D printing and receives a lot of media attention. IDTechEx strive to cut through the hype and present the facts. Aaron Kemmer, CEO of Made in Space, will present after their recent success of sending a 3D printer into orbit on the international space station. Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) will discuss the uses of 3D Printing for Next Generation Rocket Engines.

Printed Optics is a largely unexplored and untapped market. Richard van de Vrie, President and CEO of LuxExcel, will speak about the world's only additive manufacturing process for functional optics.

IDTechEx believes 3D printing in the food industry is underdeveloped but has the potential to drastically change farming and food supply. 3Dponics' founder, Michael Golubev, will speak about their use of 3D printing in food production.

Although 3D Printed Electronics are far from commercialisation, IDTechEx's wealth of experience in both technology areas puts them in a great position to track the early stages.

For more information or to register, visit: www.idtechex.com/3d-printing-live-usa

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