11th IDTechEx Printed Electronics Show

The 11th IDTechEx Printed Electronics show is set to attract more than 2,500 attendees and 200 exhibitors. This global conference and tradeshow uniquely brings together a number of closely-related, synergic and growing market sectors. The Printed Electronics show attracts the conductive paste industry, including end users, material suppliers, printers and printing equipment manufacturers.

This is a successful and growing industry and IDTechEx projects that the $2 billion conductive ink/paste sector will grow $3.2 billion in 2025 at the material level. The growth will stem from the returning optimism in the photovoltaic sector, but will also be fueled by a variety of other emerging and high-CAGR sectors such as automotive interiors, sensors, antennas and touch screens. The old powder and flake technologies will remain resilient but the nanotechnology solutions will also fast approach competitiveness. Screen printing remains robust and widespread, but gravure and inkjet increasing find their ways into the market.

The IDTechEx event is designed to cover all the diverse strands of emerging market opportunities for the conductive ink and paste value chain. Within the broad printed electronics sector, we cover markets such as photovoltaics including the niche organic photovoltaics and dye-sensitised solar cells, solid state lighting, OLED displays, smart packaging and labels, sensors and actuators, etc.

We also co-host various other adjacent yet highly synergic industries, which represent growing but early-stage market opportunities. Our show will host the 3D Printing industry where many all looking for multi-functional 3D printable materials, the supercapacitors industry where players are looking for higher performance electronics, and the wearable technology industry where many are looking for more robust and flexible electronics.

The IDTechEx Printed Electronics show brings together all the key players in the industry. Our conference tracks and tradeshow feature many of the main conductive ink and paste suppliers such as DuPont Microcircuit, Heraeus Precious Metals, Agfa, Henkel Electronic Materials, DOWA, Conductive Compounds, Method Electronics, Ercon Ink, Engineered Material Systems, Inc, Xymox, Protavic Ink.

The suppliers of nano-enabled and other emerging solutions will also be in Santa Clara. For example, we will have Novacentrix, Xerox Research Centre of Canada, Intrinsiq Materials, PV Nano Cell, Nanogap, Liquid X Printed Metals, etc.

We will also host developers and manufacturers of non-metallic conductive inks and materials such as SouthWest NanoTechnologies, Inc, NanoIntegris, Brewer Science, XG Science, Graphene Technologies, Applied Graphene Materials.

Our event is also designed to host players that participate in the supporting ecosystem. Major curing, inkjet, screen, gravure and flexo printing equipment manufactures will exhibit with us.  There is ample opportunity for business development and partnership opportunities.

Novacentrix and Xenon Corporation will showcase their photo-sintering equipment. While many inkjet and aerosol developers will discuss and showcase their latest equipment and technology. Examples include Optomec, Roth & Rau B.V., CERADROP, Digitex International Inc, FUJIFILM Diamatix, ImTech, Notion Systems, SIJ Technology Inc.

And of course screen, gravure and flexo printers will also be in Santa Clara. Examples include Asada Mesh Co., Ltd., Chromaline Screen Print Products, Dynamesh Inc, KIWO, MURAKAMI SCREEN, Riv Inc, Saati Americas Corp, Sefar, ULNANO, GT+W, Harper Corporation of America, and Sung An Machinery

IDTechEx also runs a 3-hour masterclass on conductive ink technologies and markets. The masterclass is led by IDTechEx analysts but also features industry input from Novacentrix, Cambrios and DuPont. This is an excellent opportunity to get up to speed with this field prior to attending the conference.

For more information, visit: www.PrintedElectronicsUSA.com


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