Hurco to Launch New Branding and Machine Design

IMTS attendees will be the first in the world to see the new Hurco brand, announced John Donlon, Hurco's Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales & Marketing. Donlon explained the motivation of the re-branding initiative, "Our customers have known for years the technological advantages of our CNC machines because they experience the benefits of our control technology each day with increased productivity and profitability. Our new branding better reflects Hurco's commitment to innovation that helps our customers reap these benefits through the advanced software features of our control."

"According to industry reports, shops across the U.S. are having difficulty finding qualified machinists, which is impeding their ability to grow. We know from our customers that Hurco CNC machine tools solve that problem on many levels due to our control technology because it simplifies complex operations, makes shop floor operations more efficient, and improves overall productivity. For the new brand, we selected the tagline, 'Mind Over Metal' because we feel it captures the partnership between Hurco and our customers. Their machining expertise combined with our control technology gets them from print to part faster to improve profitability," said Donlon

The centerpiece of the Hurco re-branding presentation at IMTS will be the new VMX42SRTi 5-axis machining center that has a direct-drive C-axis rotary table. The swivel head/rotary table design of the VMX42SRTi features a flush rotary table that is embedded for maximum manufacturing flexibility and a larger work cube. For 5-axis parts, the embedded C-axis rotary table supports taller parts due to more than 3.5 additional inches in Z. For 3-axis work, the increased table size supports parts up to 42 x 24 inches. Basic specifications of the VMX42SRTi include X/Y/Z travels of 42/24/24 inches, a 12K spindle standard, a 40-station swing-arm automatic tool changer, X/Y/Z rapids of 1,378/1,378/1,181 inches per minute, and the integrated Hurco control that includes both conversational and NC programming modes.

In addition to the new brand launch and six new machine models, Hurco will announce the official release of the company's patented UltiMotionTM technology for 5-axis machining centers. First introduced on 3-axis mills, UltiMotionTM simultaneously improves surface finish quality and reduces cycle time by as much as 30-40 percent.

Greg Volovic, Executive Vice President of Technology and Operations for Hurco, said, "UltiMotionTM is probably the biggest advancement in control technology in the last decade. It is the result of years of research and development, and is a combination of Hurco's proprietary control technologies and advanced modern control theories. The primary benefits to customers are the ability to cut higher quality parts in a shorter period of time with greater accuracy and complete flexibility in adjusting the balance between surface finish and maximum feed rates. Our customers with 3-axis machining centers experienced such phenomenal results, the engineering team accelerated the development of UltiMotionTM for 5-axis. No one else has this technology. UltiMotionTM is only available on Hurco mills," explained Volovic.

While UltiMotionTM includes multiple technological advancements and benefits for customers, the patented look-ahead mechanism is the foundation. Unlike traditional look-ahead, UltiMotion's look-ahead doesn't require a fixed number of blocks because it is controlled by software instead of hardware. With UltiMotionTM, the control evaluates the geometry and motion profile and makes sure there is enough look-ahead information to make optimized maneuvers, which results in better surface finish quality in a shorter amount of time. The rapid cornering capability of UltiMotionTM allows the spindle to travel through corners at high speed with negligible deviation without overshooting or stopping, which significantly reduces cycle time when machining parts with many repetitive tasks, such as drilling or tapping. UltiMotionTM is available for both conversational and G-code programs, but is only available on Hurco 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers.

Other new Hurco machine tools to be introduced at IMTS include the VM5i, and four high-speed machining centers, the VM10HSi, VM10UHSi, VM24HSi, and VM42HSi. The popular VM20i 3-axis mill, the flagship VMX50i 3-axis mill, and the mill turn TMX8MYSi lathe with sub-spindle, will also be at on display at the Hurco booth.

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