Hexagon Metrology Releases New Generation of ROMER Absolute Arm

Hexagon Metrology announced the next generation of the ROMER Absolute Arm. The portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) provides non-contact laser scanning capabilities for CAD-to-part inspections and reverse engineering applications. It provides immediate feedback of critical features after design iterations for quality control or rapid prototyping. The enhanced portable measuring arm features optimized ergonomics, a new wrist design, and greater stability to create a better user experience while further reducing operator fatigue. Hexagon Metrology’s ROMER Absolute Arm is available immediately worldwide.

The 6-axis portable measuring arm introduces a new wrist designed around the complex contours of the human hand. The new wrist on the 7-axis Absolute Arm has a more natural feel with rotation centered around the system’s probe. Both systems feature a lockable, Zero-G counterbalance which improves arm movement, protects it from hard falls, and enables single-handed operation. In addition to upgraded ergonomic features, the 6-axis wrist includes a built-in work light and digital camera. Haptic feedback vibrates the wrist and warns the user of possible harmful conditions, making it ideal for noisy shop-floor environments. The arm also features a redesigned tube inspection configuration for quick inspections and reverse engineering of bend paths. The 7-axis arm is designed to accept an integrated or external, high performance laser scanner at any time. It may also be purchased without the scanner and used as a hard probing system. Both arms do not require recalibration after a probe or scanner change.

“With this next generation of the ROMER Absolute Arm, we have created a versatile and mobile non-contact measurement tool for 3D printing and design engineering applications,” said Burt Mason, product manager for Hexagon Metrology, Inc. “The arm’s optimized ergonomics, thermally stable construction, reliable encoders and plug-and-play probes deliver a new level of performance for this rapidly growing market.”

All ROMER measuring arms are available with PC-DMIS Touch Portable, a revolutionary measurement software that utilizes high-resolution Multi-Touch display technology on a tablet PC. The PC-DMIS Touch interface is particularly well suited to ROMER portable arm users and further complements their experience.

For more information, visit: www.hexagonmetrology.us/products/portable-measuring-arms/romer-absolute-arm

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