Advances in information technology, materials research and lightweight construction will continue to push the boundaries of mechanical engineering. Visitors can find out what that means – and what new solutions are already on the market – at Industrial Supply and the other six flagship fairs that make up HANNOVER MESSE, which next runs from April 7 to 11, 2014. Process integration, energy efficiency and the efficient use of resources are just three of the themes that exhibitors at the world’s leading industrial show will be addressing with their latest products and technical innovations.

Manufacturing industry today faces many new challenges. It has to produce more efficiently to conserve precious resources, it has to react quickly to changing market trends and it has to satisfy a wide range of consumer needs by combining mass production methods with products that are increasingly tailored to individual customer requirements. “The answer lies in the integration of products, machines and processes in the smart factory of the future”, says Marc Siemering, Senior Vice President of HANNOVER MESSE at Deutsche Messe AG. This is a gradual process that is gaining momentum year by year. The new communication protocol IO-Link is now available and enshrined as an IEC standard. Its use will be widely discussed by engineering specialists, plant operators and systems integrators, not least at HANNOVER MESSE 2014, which this year has adopted the tagline “Integrated Industry – NEXT STEPS”.

The range of applications for innovative lightweight construction technologies is constantly growing. The possibilities for reducing both the input of resources and the weight of components seem to be unlimited. At the same time manufacturers are coming under increasing pressure to develop more resource-efficient and energy-efficient materials and processes in order to embed products in sustainable life-cycles.

Researchers and developers are not just looking to nature for inspiration. There are other avenues to explore beyond bionics, as developments in carbon fiber composites (CFRPs) show: through the use of resin injection technology, thermoplastics and so-called “Multi-Material-Design” (MMD). So metals or steels can be combined with carbon fibers to produce materials with new properties. That presents engineers with a fresh challenge, as conventional manufacturing processes and forms of construction may no longer be adequate. “Every application calls for a solution where materials and processing techniques have been specifically designed to work together,” says Siemering. “The first such solutions can already be seen in Hannover.”

No other trade show provides such full and in-depth coverage of the engineering industry. At the same time engineering specialists will find unique opportunities here to connect with allied sectors and areas of common interest, such as energy technology and electrical engineering. Surveys of exhibitors conducted at Industrial Supply 2013 indicated that the thematic thrust of the show and its proximity to other related fairs greatly enhance the opportunities to communicate with other exhibitors and visiting trade professionals. The established structure of Industrial Supply has therefore been retained for this year’s show. Hall 4 houses the displays of solid forming and sheet metal forming, machined components, systems and sub-assemblies. Hall 5 is devoted to displays of foundry products, closure systems, control systems and fastening technology, while in Hall 6 visitors will find parts and components made from rubber, metal, plastics and ceramics, along with process technologies, lightweight construction solutions and adhesive bonding systems.

Companies exhibiting in Hall 6 will be sharing the floor with exhibitors at IndustrialGreenTec, thus providing easy access to industrial environmental technologies. Digital Factory in Hall 7 enables trade visitors to make contact with suppliers of industrial IT solutions. “This creates new opportunities for process integration, design and construction, and product development – opportunities that you only get in Hannover,” claims Siemering.

The world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology is staged annually in Hannover, Germany. The next HANNOVER MESSE will run from 7 to 11 April 2014 under the tagline “Integrated Industry – NEXT STEPS” and feature the Netherlands as its official Partner Country. HANNOVER MESSE 2014 will comprise seven flagship fairs: Industrial Automation • Energy • MobiliTec • Digital Factory • Industrial Supply • IndustrialGreenTec • Research & Technology. The upcoming event will place a strong emphasis on Industrial Automation and IT, Energy and Environmental Technologies, Industrial Subcontracting, Production Engineering and Services, as well as Research & Development.

For more information, visit: www.hannovermesse.de/home


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