HANNOVER MESSE USA, the newly branded North American industrial technology trade shows co-located at IMTS 2018, will feature 130,000 square feet of exhibition space and special display areas. This marks a 44 percent increase compared to the co-located shows’ total floor space at IMTS 2016. For the first time since the co-located shows launched at IMTS 2012, the exhibition space and three special display areas will be located on two floors of the East Building at McCormick Place from September 10-15, 2018.

During IMTS 2018 on level three of the East Building, HANNOVER MESSE USA’s Integrated Automation, Motion & Drives USA (IAMD USA), North America’s leading trade show for Integrated Automation, Industrial IT, Power Transmission and Control, will cover more exhibition space than ever before.  Located alongside IAMD USA on level three will be the Fluid Power special display area.

On level two, the other three HANNOVER MESSE USA co-located trade shows - ComVac USA, Industrial Supply USA and Surface Technology USA – will take place alongside the event’s Digital Factory and Industrial Energy Systems special display areas. Both levels two and three will feature educational presentations on the show floor and in the special display areas. Corresponding educational conferences will again be featured at IMTS 2018, including the Global Automation Manufacturing Summit (GAMS), co-organized by CFE Media and HFUSA, and the Integrated Industries conference, organized by HFUSA.

“As we have done since launching the industrial technology shows at IMTS 2012, HANNOVER MESSE USA’s trade shows will leverage the power of the HANNOVER MESSE brand by demonstrating the full range of Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions during IMTS 2018,” said Larry Turner, President & CEO of HFUSA. “We also expect to extend the overall scope and global nature of the co-located shows this year by highlighting more exhibitors from around the world in our international pavilions, including China, Germany, Italy, Korea and Taiwan,” added Turner.

Leading the HANNOVER MESSE USA 2018 management team is Chicago-based Adrienne Zepeda, Show Manager of North American Industrial Technology Events at HFUSA, and Raymond Bianchi, Vice President of Events & Business Development at HFUSA. Supporting Ms. Zepeda and Mr. Bianchi is Alex Balis, Audience Development Manager at HFUSA.

“Our entire HFUSA team is working extremely hard to make sure that our overall HANNOVER MESSE USA event strategy aligns perfectly with our exhibitors’ goals and our attendees’ trade show expectations,” added Turner.

“I am very excited to be a part of the launch of the world renowned HANNOVER MESSE brand to the North American advanced manufacturing space at IMTS 2018,” said Zepeda.  “We are adding a number of very unique educational topics and displays on the floor this year, which certainly will enhance visitors overall experience.”

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“Is my organization ready for the fourth industrial revolution? That’s the big question that CEOs and plant managers are currently asking themselves,” remarked Dr. Jochen Köckler, Member of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe. The fourth industrial revolution – aka Industie 4.0 – will bring major change to energy systems and industrial production models. In factories, there will be a shift away from mass production as customers increasingly demand customized products – albeit at the same low prices they currently enjoy for mass-produced goods. And energy grids will need to become smarter so that they can optimally balance and deploy available power, gas and heat capacity from a wide range of sources. The answer to these challenges is Integrated Industry – the intelligent digital networking and integration of industrial systems and processes.

Integrated Industry is about enabling machines and workpieces to communicate with one another. This, in turn, will allow entire production lines to autonomously and dynamically re-configure themselves, thereby rendering small-batch and one-off production in large-scale plants commercially viable. Dr. Köckler: “Industry is in the early stages of a revolution known as Industrie 4.0. It’s a phenomenon that has skyrocketed to the top of the agenda in industrial thinking over the past two years. Meanwhile, there is an enormous information vacuum, and most companies still don’t know what they need to do in order to be ready for Industrie 4.0. What they need to do, of course, is form close networks with all stakeholders involved in their production processes. HANNOVER MESSE 2015, with its lead theme of ‘Integrated Industry - Join the Network!’, will show them how.”

The key challenges of the fourth industrial revolution – such as achieving universal standards for machine-to-machine communication, maintaining data security and finding new business models – can be mastered only through collective endeavor in networks. This requires effective dialogue and cooperation between the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and IT sectors. The enormous potential that all sectors of industry can unleash through this sort of integration will be on show at HANNOVER MESSE 2015.

Visitors to the fair will witness digitally networked production plants, smart grid technologies, ingenious new production processes, such as 3D printing, and next-generation industrial robots live in action. They will see collaborative robots with sensor systems so advanced that they can work right alongside their human counterparts without any safety barriers. And they will see IT-based automation solutions that will bring fundamental change to all in-factory processes. Also on display will be smart technologies that manage and coordinate power, gas and heat networks so that capacity can be balanced and optimally deployed across the entire energy system. What’s more, visitors will be able to watch as additive manufacturing systems (3D printers) make individualized products right before their eyes. These technologies and themes will be explored in even greater depth in the 1,000-plus supporting forums and guided tours on offer at the fair.

HANNOVER MESSE will also examine the social and political dimensions of Industrie 4.0. That’s because the primary impact of the changed work processes and new, data-centric business models sparked by Industrie 4.0 will be on people. Köckler: “In order for Industrie 4.0 to be a success, it needs broad-based acceptance by trade unions, lawmakers and society generally. We therefore encourage industry stakeholders to use HANNOVER MESSE as an opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue and hence foster openness and transparency on all matters relating to integrated industry.”

HANNOVER MESSE 2015 will play a pivotal role in the fourth industrial revolution. “The revolution starts in Hannover,” Dr. Köckler said. “All sectors of industry exhibit at HANNOVER MESSE. That’s everything, from industrial automation and energy to industrial supply, power transmission and control and R&D. No other event of its kind anywhere in the world provides such comprehensive coverage. Only at HANNOVER MESSE can visitors gain such in-depth insights into tomorrow’s integrated factories and energy systems. The fair’s scope ranges from individual Industie-4.0-ready components right through to complete automation solutions.”

At the upcoming HANNOVER MESSE, the German government and key German industry associations (VDMA, ZVEI and BITKOM) will jointly outline their strategy for achieving integrated production. Köckler: “Germany’s industrial firms have come a long way with their Industrie 4.0 research over the past two years and are now ready to put their findings into practice.” At HANNOVER MESSE on Tuesday, April 14, 2015, Germany’s economics Minister Sigmar Gabriel will outline the nation’s industrial plans and call for cross-border collaboration in the presence of some 250 invited guests from Germany, other parts of Europe, the USA and Asia.

The world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology is staged annually in Hannover, Germany. The next HANNOVER MESSE will run from April 13-17, 2015 and feature India as its official Partner Country. HANNOVER MESSE 2015 will comprise ten flagship fairs: Industrial Automation • Motion, Drive & Automation (MDA) • Energy • Wind • MobiliTec • Digital Factory • ComVac • Industrial Supply • Surface Technology • Research & Technology. The upcoming event will place a strong emphasis on Industrial Automation and IT, Power Transmission and control, Energy and Environmental Technologies, Industrial Subcontracting, Production Engineering and Services and Research & Development.

For more information, visit: www.hannovermesse.de

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HANNOVER MESSE 2014 End-of-show Report

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As HANNOVER MESSE 2014 drew to a close, exhibitors and organizers were able to look back on another successful event. “This year the world’s leading industrial tradeshow addressed the key issue of the future of industry by presenting the solutions needed for tomorrow’s intelligent factories.

HANNOVER MESSE 2014 attracted more than 180,000 visitors from more than 100 different nations, matching the strong performance of 2012 – the most recent year featuring a comparable lineup of shows under the HANNOVER MESSE umbrella. Another standout feature involved the high percentage of industry professionals and top buyers and decision-makers among attendees. And the show’s major international drawing power was evident in the fact that more than one in every four visitors came from abroad, mainly from the European Union (57 percent) as well as from South, East and Central Asia (20 percent). In terms of individual countries of visitor origin, the Netherlands – as this year’s Partner Country – took first place, followed by China in second.

Staged under the keynote theme of “Integrated Industry – NEXT STEPS”, the trade fair focused on intelligent, self-organizing factories and the transformation of energy systems. According to Dr. Köckler: “Industry 4.0 will be with us sooner than many people would have thought possible just one short year ago. The exhibitors at this HANNOVER MESSE have demonstrated a clear commitment to negotiating the ‘next steps’ on the road to the fourth industrial revolution, rapidly and purposefully.” A total of over 180,000 visitors came to Hannover to explore the future of industry and invest in the latest factory and energy technology on show by some 5,000 exhibitors. This year’s HANNOVER MESSE Partner Country was the Netherlands.

“The many and varied exhibits of Industry 4.0 plant and machinery made the coming industrial revolution a tangible reality for those in attendance. HANNOVER MESSE left no doubt about the rapid progress achieved, even over the course of recent months,” said Köckler. Many components which will be of crucial importance for the new industrial manufacturing environment were on display at the tradeshow – which also showcased market-ready solutions and products addressing the key challenges of standardization and IT security. A large number of demo installations gave visitors a first-hand view of products moving through the various stages of production without any human intervention until individual processing at the very end. Data security was another core issue at the fair. “Forum debates on process and data security issues attracted several thousand visitors, and industrial businesses will definitely be cooperating more closely with international cybersecurity providers, to prepare factories for the extensive integration that lies ahead,” noted Köckler.

The focus of attention in the “energy halls” was on the transformation of energy systems. Future growth in the use of renewable forms of energy, decentralized energy supply systems and intelligent distribution systems were high on the agenda. Exhibitors presented technologies and solutions for the ongoing energy transition, with displays lending firm shape to the energy systems of the future. A stand-out example was a product from SAG GmbH – winner of this year’s HERMES AWARD – for making it possible to progressively convert existing distribution networks into smart grids. Innovative energy storage technologies were another core topic at the fair. These systems are used to store energy that is not immediately required, for use in periods of peak demand. “The exhibitors have shown us that concrete solutions for the energy transition are already available,” observed Köckler. “Technology is the key to the energy transition, and that technology is on display right here in Hannover.”

The keynote theme of “Integrated Industry – NEXT STEPS” also featured prominently throughout Industrial Subcontracting – the trade fair dedicated to this all-important sector of industry. “Component suppliers will be essential partners in the creation of Industry 4.0 and energy technologies, and smart factories will need smart components, sourced from innovative suppliers like the ones exhibiting their ideas here in Hannover. As champions of integration, component-makers have already taken great strides towards the fourth industrial revolution,” said Köckler.

Even as early as the Opening Ceremony on the eve of the event, it was clear the Netherlands was going to be a highly confident and congenial Partner Country. Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte admitted that “the Netherlands is not automatically associated with advanced technology in people’s minds,” but argued this was actually a misconception. “If you drive a car with a high-tech automatic transmission system, there is a 75% chance it comes from the Netherlands,” he stated. Dr. Jochen Köckler, member of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe, agreed: “Through its presence at HANNOVER MESSE, the Netherlands has shown the world it will be a key player in our industrial future, with a unique mix of competence, intelligent solutions and a substantial measure of charm.” HANNOVER MESSE also enabled Dutch representatives from the industrial and political spheres to make new contacts and build on existing relationships. 250 companies from the Netherlands exhibited at HANNOVER MESSE 2014, setting a new record for Partner Country participation.

The next HANNOVER MESSE will be staged from April 13-17, 2015.

For more information, visit: www.hannovermesse.de

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Advances in information technology, materials research and lightweight construction will continue to push the boundaries of mechanical engineering. Visitors can find out what that means – and what new solutions are already on the market – at Industrial Supply and the other six flagship fairs that make up HANNOVER MESSE, which next runs from April 7 to 11, 2014. Process integration, energy efficiency and the efficient use of resources are just three of the themes that exhibitors at the world’s leading industrial show will be addressing with their latest products and technical innovations.

Manufacturing industry today faces many new challenges. It has to produce more efficiently to conserve precious resources, it has to react quickly to changing market trends and it has to satisfy a wide range of consumer needs by combining mass production methods with products that are increasingly tailored to individual customer requirements. “The answer lies in the integration of products, machines and processes in the smart factory of the future”, says Marc Siemering, Senior Vice President of HANNOVER MESSE at Deutsche Messe AG. This is a gradual process that is gaining momentum year by year. The new communication protocol IO-Link is now available and enshrined as an IEC standard. Its use will be widely discussed by engineering specialists, plant operators and systems integrators, not least at HANNOVER MESSE 2014, which this year has adopted the tagline “Integrated Industry – NEXT STEPS”.

The range of applications for innovative lightweight construction technologies is constantly growing. The possibilities for reducing both the input of resources and the weight of components seem to be unlimited. At the same time manufacturers are coming under increasing pressure to develop more resource-efficient and energy-efficient materials and processes in order to embed products in sustainable life-cycles.

Researchers and developers are not just looking to nature for inspiration. There are other avenues to explore beyond bionics, as developments in carbon fiber composites (CFRPs) show: through the use of resin injection technology, thermoplastics and so-called “Multi-Material-Design” (MMD). So metals or steels can be combined with carbon fibers to produce materials with new properties. That presents engineers with a fresh challenge, as conventional manufacturing processes and forms of construction may no longer be adequate. “Every application calls for a solution where materials and processing techniques have been specifically designed to work together,” says Siemering. “The first such solutions can already be seen in Hannover.”

No other trade show provides such full and in-depth coverage of the engineering industry. At the same time engineering specialists will find unique opportunities here to connect with allied sectors and areas of common interest, such as energy technology and electrical engineering. Surveys of exhibitors conducted at Industrial Supply 2013 indicated that the thematic thrust of the show and its proximity to other related fairs greatly enhance the opportunities to communicate with other exhibitors and visiting trade professionals. The established structure of Industrial Supply has therefore been retained for this year’s show. Hall 4 houses the displays of solid forming and sheet metal forming, machined components, systems and sub-assemblies. Hall 5 is devoted to displays of foundry products, closure systems, control systems and fastening technology, while in Hall 6 visitors will find parts and components made from rubber, metal, plastics and ceramics, along with process technologies, lightweight construction solutions and adhesive bonding systems.

Companies exhibiting in Hall 6 will be sharing the floor with exhibitors at IndustrialGreenTec, thus providing easy access to industrial environmental technologies. Digital Factory in Hall 7 enables trade visitors to make contact with suppliers of industrial IT solutions. “This creates new opportunities for process integration, design and construction, and product development – opportunities that you only get in Hannover,” claims Siemering.

The world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology is staged annually in Hannover, Germany. The next HANNOVER MESSE will run from 7 to 11 April 2014 under the tagline “Integrated Industry – NEXT STEPS” and feature the Netherlands as its official Partner Country. HANNOVER MESSE 2014 will comprise seven flagship fairs: Industrial Automation • Energy • MobiliTec • Digital Factory • Industrial Supply • IndustrialGreenTec • Research & Technology. The upcoming event will place a strong emphasis on Industrial Automation and IT, Energy and Environmental Technologies, Industrial Subcontracting, Production Engineering and Services, as well as Research & Development.

For more information, visit: www.hannovermesse.de/home

When HANNOVER MESSE 2013 opens its gates on Monday, April 8, it will do so with more exhibitors and an unprecedented level of international participation.  More than 50 percent of the companies represented at the fair are based outside of Germany.  This year, IT-supported production – the next stage in the evolution of manufacturing – will take center stage.

The lead theme of “Integrated Industry” signals HANNOVER MESSE’s strong focus on the future of manufacturing.  “We chose ‘Integrated Industry’ not just to highlight the increasingly close relationship between the fair’s key display areas of automation, energy and drive technologies, industrial supply and R&D; the intention is also very much to herald the fact that information technology is about to kick off the next major wave of change in the evolution of manufacturing,” explained Dr. Köckler.  “Ever-shorter product lifecycles and ever-increasing product diversity mean that production lines need to become much more flexible.  Most automobile manufacturers, for example, are already able to produce a number of different models on the same line.  Having this sort of capability necessitates state-of-the-art software systems and web-based technologies.”

Integrated Industry also stands for the networking of all machines involved in a production process.  Doing this can potentially yield multiple benefits.  The fully integrated production lines of the future will be less prone to stoppages; machines will be able to spot significant deviations from workpiece specifications; and the workpieces themselves will have a unique identifier, which “tells” the machines how they should be processed.  This will enable the machine tools to reconfigure themselves automatically during production and continually adapt to changing demands without the need for halting the production line.  

HANNOVER MESSE 2013 will officially open on April 8 by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin.  As Russia is the official Partner Country of this year’s fair, more than 160 Russian companies will be in Hannover to showcase their technologies and services.  This is the largest-ever contingent of Russian firms to exhibit at an industrial technology fair outside of Russia. Also, 200 speakers and numerous high-caliber representatives of the Russian political and business communities will contribute to the fair and conferences.  

The open-air site and all 25 exhibition halls are fully booked.  A total of around 6,500 exhibitors will be in Hannover to showcase their solutions on more than 2.54 million square feet of net display space, representing an increase in exhibitor numbers and display space from 2011, the strongest HANNOVER MESSE in ten years. The strongest exhibitor representative nations are China, France, Germany, Italy, Russia and Turkey.  The fair will feature close to the same number of Italian and Spanish firms as in 2011.

For more information, visit: www.hannovermesse.de/home

From April 8-12, 2013, the MDA (Motion, Drive & Automation) fair at HANNOVER MESSE will showcase all the latest products and innovations from the world’s top suppliers of electric and mechanical power transmission systems and pneumatic and hydraulic technologies.  MDA is staged every two years as part of HANNOVER MESSE, the world’s biggest industrial technology show.  With its over 1,100 exhibitors, two thirds of which come from outside Germany, MDA is regarded as one of the heavyweights of the HANNOVER MESSE lineup of flagship shows.

This year’s MDA exhibits will be located in halls 20 to 25 and in the Industrial Automation halls 15, 16 and 17 at the Hannover Exhibition Center.  The MDA exhibits in Hall 17 will center around solutions and systems for automation technology, thereby marking the transition from a purely power transmission and control technology-focused showcase.

“As a result of the optimized hall layout at this year’s show and the ongoing evolution of power transmission and control systems, the MDA show continues to make inroads into the Industrial Automation halls.  The areas of overlap between the two fairs are increasing as more and more power transmission and control technology companies offer turnkey solutions or merge with providers of complementary technologies,” explained Köckler.

MDA exhibitors will also benefit from the many important synergies arising from their proximity to the international Wind fair in Hall 27.  Hall 27 will be home to the world’s leading wind technology companies, an important target group for drive manufacturers.  Wind turbine drive systems rank among the most sophisticated of their kind.  According to the German Engineering Federation, the powertrain assembly of a modern wind turbine – comprising gearbox, bearings, generator, transformer, clutch, brakes, control and sensoring systems – accounts for nearly half of its total cost.

“The products of the power transmission and control technology sector are the building blocks of modern plant and machinery.  They are like “lego pieces” for engineers if you will.  If you want to build the best machines, you will need the best lego pieces, and MDA in Hannover is where you’ll find them.  No other fair can boast a comparable technology offering,” said Christian H. Kienzle, the CEO of ARGO-HYTOS GmbH and Chairman of the VDMA’s Fluid Power Association.

The MobiliTec show, which shares hall 25 with MDA exhibitors, will be another big source of synergy potential.  MobiliTec is the world’s leading trade fair for hybrid and electric powertrain technologies, mobile energy storage and alternative mobility solutions.  In 2013, MobiliTec will again feature all the latest high-tech solutions and applications across the entire eMobility spectrum.

The MDA show is both a key business barometer and a catalyst for innovation.  It is also an excellent opportunity for the industry leaders to present their capabilities to HANNOVER MESSE’s high-caliber audience of visitors from the worlds of business and politics.

The focus of R&D efforts in the power transmission and control technology sector is firmly on further boosting energy efficiency, sustainability and resource conservation and this will be reflected in the latest products and solutions on show at MDA in 2013.  This year’s MDA Forum will also cover a wide range of “green” themes, including Drive Technology for Wind Turbines; Sealing Technology and Condition Monitoring for Components, Systems and Hydraulic Fluids.  There will also be discussion on “Lightweight Design in Fluid Power and Power Transmission” and “Designing for Recycling.”  The MDA Forum is organized by the German Engineering Federation.

For more information, visit: www.hannovermesse.de/en/about-the-trade-show/programme/tradeshows-lineup/mda-motion-drive-automation

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“Integrated Industry” at HANNOVER MESSE 2013

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“Integrated Industry” at HANNOVER MESSE 2013 illustrates the vital role played by the global subcontracting industry in the planning and production processes of its customers. The supply industry offers vital components and innovative processes for every stage of the industrial supply chain.  Precisely tailored to customer requirements, smart components and systems can be intelligently integrated into the production process. Subcontractors and suppliers will be showcasing their solutions and services to the international audience at Industrial Supply from April 8-12, 2013.  Visitors can expect an impressive overview of applications and task-oriented products and technologies.

Optimized exhibition layout links themed displays and facilitates networking
The new layout of Industrial Supply, with core segments concentrated in specific halls, coupled with the benefits of being located in closer proximity to the related displays of surface treatment and green technologies, will ensure better industrial networking.  Thematic interfaces will be clearer as next year’s event sees two key related displays relocated in direct proximity to the supply industry.  With Surface Technology in Hall 3 and IndustrialGreenTec in Hall 6, exhibitors can expect more traffic and business leads.  Similar spin-off benefits will also be provided by Research & Technology, which remains in its former location in Hall 2.

The new exhibition layout means that the route followed by visitors around Industrial Supply starts in Hall 4 with displays focusing on solid forming and sheet metal forming, machined components, systems and sub-assemblies.  Hall 5 is dedicated to casting products, latches and locking systems, operating elements as well as fastening techniques. Displays of industrial materials, materials technology and know-how, including joining and adhesive bonding technology, will be grouped together with lightweight construction in Hall 6.  At the southern end of Hall 6 the subcontracting and supply industry will interface with IndustrialGreenTec and a broad display of environment-friendly technology for industry.

“Exhibitors and visitors alike will derive considerable added value from the new exhibition layout of Industrial Supply and the close proximity to the related future-oriented themes of surface treatment technology and green technology.  Trade visitors will be able to move quickly between the different display categories housed in Halls 3 to 6 and gain a direct impression of the entire production chain – for example, how outsourced components are manufactured using innovative green materials and then finished using the latest surface treatment technology.  HANNOVER MESSE thus covers every stage of industrial production and with its focus theme “Integrated Industry” offers key benefits along the whole production chain.  Only by improving networking and optimizing the transfer of data and know-how can the diverse sub-sectors achieve a positive result and maximize cost-effectiveness and resource efficiency”, explains Oliver Frese, Senior Vice President of HANNOVER MESSE at Deutsche Messe AG.

Themed parks augmented by expert and discussion forums

Industrial Supply is acknowledged as a global sourcing event.  The wide-ranging exhibition is augmented by various themed parks and special events, which provide more opportunities to present new products, make new contacts and exchange know-how and information.  The theme parks “gegossene Technik”, “Latches, locking systems and operating elements”, “Solid forming”, “SystemPartner”, “Engineering Ceramics” and “WeP – Value-adding Partner ContiTech” attract a lot of attention among visitors, as does the Innovations Center for Engineering Materials and the Lightweight Construction Solutions Area.  The Suppliers Convention and the Materials Forum provide a platform where experts can exchange information and professionals engage in discussions – these events thus fulfill an important function that is intrinsic to the trade fair concept.

For more information, visit: www.hannovermesse.de/en/about-the-trade-show/programme/tradeshows-lineup/industrial-supply

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Digital Factory at HANNOVER MESSE 2013

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The trade fair Digital Factory aims to further consolidate its status as a leading world event with an impressive display of integrated processes and IT solutions in Hall 7 at HANNOVER MESSE from April 8-12, 2013.  Market leaders in the fields of PLM and MES, including Dassault Systèmes, EPLAN and SolidWorks, as well as MPDV, PSIPENTA und PROXIA, will be exhibiting their latest products, solutions and innovations.  Digital Factory will be a focal point and IT hub at next year’s HANNOVER MESSE, which is dedicated to the core theme “Integrated Industry”.  The exhibiting companies at Digital Factory will be presenting the entire spectrum of IT tools required for the integration of industrial processes.

“Digital Factory is the place where companies interested in optimizing process efficiency and integration can identify the solutions and tools required to achieve this goal and are able to meet the right partners”, says Oliver Frese, Senior Vice President of HANNOVER MESSE at Deutsche Messe AG.

The proximity to Industrial IT in Hall 8 and the Industrial IT Forum will help to ensure that future-oriented business and automation IT solutions can be networked and incorporated more efficiently.  The Industrial IT Forum is a joint project of the German engineering associations VDMA and ZVEI with a clear focus on the initiative Industry 4.0, or fourth industrial revolution.

Process integration and interdisciplinary product development are core themes of Digital Factory.  This leading international trade fair addresses such key categories as CAx, PLM, MES, ERP and Rapid Prototyping in a uniquely comprehensive presentation staged by leading suppliers.

The group presentation “CAE Forum” is a new addition to the Digital Factory program.  Experts in simulation technology, e.g. engineering consultancies, as well as providers of software, systems and services, will be able to outline their expertise and demonstrate practical applications of numeric simulation at the stand and on a big screen.  Digital Factory will highlight the central role of simulation and calculation within industrial IT.

The keynote theme of Technology Cinema 3D, which takes place for the fourth time next year, will be the “Workplace of the Future”.  This will reflect the significance of high-end 3D visualization and how it will determine design and production procedures in the future.

The fifth MES Conference is being organized under the auspices of Germany’s leading associations in the relevant industries: NAMUR, VDI, VDMA and ZVEI.  On the Wednesday and Thursday of the trade fair various companies will present reports of their practical experience and success with the implementation of MES.  Conference sessions will address topics of significance to discrete manufacturing and industrial processes.  Admission to the MES Conference is free of charge to all trade fair visitors.

For more information, visit: www.hannovermesse.de/en/about-the-trade-show/programme/tradeshows-lineup/digital-factory

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MobiliTec at HANNOVER MESSE 2013

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The MobiliTec show ranks among the big visitor magnets at HANNOVER MESSE, with more than 46,000 attending the last event in 2012.  MobiliTec is the world’s leading trade fair for hybrid and electric powertrain technologies, mobile energy storage and alternative mobility solutions.  It is also the central meeting point for representatives from industry, government and science seeking to foster new technological development and create the right commercial and regulatory environment for alternative mobility concepts.  In 2013, MobiliTec will again feature all the latest high-tech solutions and applications across the entire eMobility spectrum.

“Industrial companies are investing heavily in all parts of the eMobility value chain, from batteries, powertrain systems, lightweight design and energy management concepts, right through to intelligent charging solutions and the integration of renewable energy sources. The MobiliTec show gives eMobility companies the opportunity to showcase their latest developments to the wide international audience that HANNOVER MESSE attracts each year,” said Oliver Frese, Deutsche Messe’s Senior Vice President in charge of HANNOVER MESSE.

One of the big MobiliTec highlights each year is the MobiliTrack, a test-driving circuit on the open-air site at the Hannover Exhibition Center.  HANNOVER MESSE visitors can test drive a range of different electric vehicles.  In response to popular demand at this year’s show, the organizers will be significantly expanding the circuit in 2013.

Germany’s federal government has put the development of the country’s eMobility sector at the top of its agenda.  Its declared goal is to make Germany the world’s leading eMobility market in the coming years. In order to achieve this goal, it has set up the “Electric Mobility Showcase” program, which provides funding to eMobility projects in four model regions throughout the Federal Republic.  The projects involve large-scale demonstrations and pilot programs designed to trial eMobility solutions in real-life applications, to develop know-how and expertise and to provide direction to future R&D projects.  All four model regions will be represented at MobiliTec via their own group exhibits.  Deutsche Messe, the organizer of HANNOVER MESSE, is also involved as a project partner in one of the model regions.

In 2013, the MobiliTec show will be located in Hall 25 at the Hannover fair grounds, right at the center of HANNOVER MESSE and immediately adjacent to Energy, the world’s biggest energy technology show, and MDA – Motion, Drive & Automation, the world’s most important trade fair for power transmission and control technology.  MobiliTec exhibitors and visitors will benefit from the hall’s strategic location and the powerful synergies that will arise from its close proximity to key allied display categories, such as hydrogen and fuel cells and powertrain electrification.

For more information, visit: www.hannovermesse.de/en/about-the-trade-show/programme/tradeshows-lineup/mobilitec

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Industrial Automation 2013

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The efficient use of energy and other resources, along with sustainability, networking and mobility, are the major challenges of the future.  HANNOVER MESSE 2013 will illustrate how industry addresses these issues with smart technology and solutions. Industrial Automation, the leading trade fair for process, factory and building automation systems and solutions, focuses on the efficient use of energy and resources, including smart production systems and processes.

“Next year, when the entire sector gathers in Hannover at Industrial Automation, we will have a unique concentration of automation technology know-how at one venue,” said Oliver Frese, Senior Vice President at Deutsche Messe AG.

The automation technology sector is an important force behind innovative economic development and is currently experiencing remarkable growth rates worldwide. Mr. Frese attributes this to the extremely high rate of innovation in the field of automation. At the same time, the dynamic pace of innovation represents enormous potential for investors.  

Industry is grabbing the chance to introduce cutting-edge products and solutions to automate and optimize industrial processes. The continued growth of process automation is guaranteed. By the end of 2012, the number of contracts awarded to this sector over the entire year will have risen by approximately five percent worldwide.  

Daniel Huber, Head of the Process Automation Division in Central Europe, ABB, confirms, “According to the marketing research institute IHS growth in Central Europe is expected to again reach a steady long-term average of about three to four percent – assuming no further global economic upsets occur in the meantime.” Speaking about HANNOVER MESSE, Mr. Huber said, “As providers of automation and energy technology we take a very positive view of the restructuring of the automation display category and the move last year of the process automation display into Hall 11.”

Solutions aimed at optimizing efficiency in industrial processes – both energy efficiency and the rational use of other resources – will take centre stage at Industrial Automation 2013. Trade visitors will find that the seven halls dedicated to the leading trade fair Industrial Automation house an amazing array of innovative applications of process and production automation, as well as keynote presentations of industrial IT und robot technology. The large number of exhibitors and visitors from across the world includes a high proportion of decision-makers and professionals (96.5 percent in 2012), thus helping to make Industrial Automation one of the flagship events of HANNOVER MESSE.  

“The exhibiting companies meet precisely the audience they hope for – well-informed professionals and decision-makers who know what they want and are prepared to invest when they find it”, explains Mr. Frese.

Keynote Themes Industrial IT and Energy Efficiency

The unique strength of the trade show Industrial Automation lies in the fact that it embraces all the areas of automation technology ranging from process and energy automation to networked IT-based automation technology. The future of the automation technology industry will be dominated by the close and growing integration of automation and IT applications. This revolutionary change in industrial practice and the role of IT in the factory of the future is described by experts as Industry 4.0, which will be another keynote theme of Industrial Automation next year.

Companies exhibiting in the display category Industrial IT will showcase server and network-based IT solutions which augment automation. These systems permit production processes and value chain networks which, until recently, had been regarded as inconceivable. Visitors to this particular display area will be able to find out in detail about embedded systems and smart production.

Industrial Automation 2013 will also highlight energy efficiency in industrial processes. Exhibitors at the special display devoted to energy efficiency will present products, systems and software for measuring and monitoring energy consumption and show how their leading-edge technology is integral to transparent, systematic energy management. The Efficiency Arena provides an established platform for discussions of every aspect of efficient energy management.  One of the issues here is how to achieve significant energy savings by using automated production processes.

Robot Technology As A Core Technology – A Trade Show Crowd-Puller

“Robot technology is now a core technology for industrial production and vital to the realization of energy-efficiency goals and networked automation solutions,” explains Mr. Frese. “Increasingly sophisticated high-performance robots are being used in a growing number of areas where they already often contribute to considerable cost-savings and greater flexibility.  Robotics forms a core technology which is expanding at an enormous rate and therefore plays a major role at Industrial Automation.”

In 2011 alone turnover in the German robot and automation technology sector grew by 35 percent. Understandably, robot technology is a major crowd-puller for HANNOVER MESSE. Consequently, the display space allocated for Application Park Robotics, Automation & Vision at Industrial Automation has been doubled. Other integral elements of the trade show include the Vision Applications Park, a special show that addresses quality assurance and resource-efficiency in modern production processes. This presentation is flanked by the special display Mobile Robots & Autonomous Systems, which covers the entire spectrum of mobile systems for industrial production, the public sector and services.

Added Value Thanks to Numerous Special Displays

Various other special displays augment Industrial Automation 2013, not least Wireless Automation & M2M and Industrial Security & Product Protection in Hall 8, PUMPENplatz in Hall 14 and MicroTechnology – Smart Systems for Automation in Hall 17. Special displays such as these are often the platform favored by innovative small and medium-sized companies for showcasing their expertise.  

“This display format allows the leading trade fair Industrial Automation to offer an ideal platform for every company to exhibit its products and reach customers from around the world,” added Mr. Frese.

Keynote Theme “Integrated Industry” Brought to Life

By featuring the keynote theme “Integrated Industry” at HANNOVER MESSE 2013, the organizers have placed the spotlight on the increased networking of all areas of industry at the world’s most important technology event.  The trade show Industrial Automation, with themes such as embedded systems and smart production, will put the focus on integrated automation processes.  Intelligent production systems and processes, as well as the realization and coordination of networked, geographically separate production facilities, will demonstrate clearly that “Integrated Industry” is a living reality.

For more information, visit: www.hannovermesse.de/en/about-the-trade-show/programme/tradeshows-lineup/industrial-automation

Following a successful premiere, the leading trade fair IndustrialGreenTec will take place as part of HANNOVER MESSE 2013 from April 8-12, 2013.  It will again showcase the entire breadth of industry-oriented green technologies and thus represents an extremely fast-growing business sector.  In 2013, the leading trade fair for green technology will be more clearly geared to the needs of industry and the global marketplace.

“This year IndustrialGreenTec will again present every aspect of green technology – from environment-friendly production technology and recycling processes through to solutions for water and air pollution,” said Oliver Frese, Senior Vice President at Deutsche Messe AG.

The market volume for environmental technology worldwide is growing every year by an average of 5.6 percent.  The important segment embracing systems and solutions aimed at improving energy efficiency accounts for a large share of the market.  German providers of green technology such as Siemens, Festo and Ziehl-Abegg hold a steady 15 percent share of the global market.  

The trade fair spans the entire cross-section of industry at Hannover and is thematically present in all the ten other leading trade shows that constitute HANNOVER MESSE.  For example, the efficient use of resources in general, and energy in particular, are crucial to Industrial Automation and Industrial Supply.

“With its new location in Hall 6 IndustrialGreenTec represents a central platform for solutions aimed at sustainability provided by industry for industry.  The presentation of forward-looking solutions is central to the core of the HANNOVER MESSE concept,” added Mr. Frese.

One of the main themes of the event is recycling – the whole range of innovative, market-ready processes and methods which facilitate the recycling of resources such as waste.  Every year each EU citizen produces more than 1146 pounds of waste, a figure which graphically illustrates the need for green technology.  By 2020, Germany aims to be in a position to recycle approximately 65 percent of urban waste and approximately 70 percent of all waste from construction and demolition work.  The innovative process technologies showcased by exhibitors at IndustrialGreenTec could help the recycling sector to reach these targets.

The rising cost of raw materials due to the growing scarcity of resources as well as increasing energy prices resulting from changes in energy supply form the core themes of IndustrialGreenTec.  Clean, cost-effective processes for water treatment and air emissions control are becoming more important and are increasingly developing into a key competitive factor.  The leading trade fair for environmental technology showcases the latest innovations and cutting-edge solutions.

Green technology will be the subject of numerous panel discussions and special events during HANNOVER MESSE.  On Wednesday of the trade show, visitors can experience “GreenDay”, which features keynote speeches, best-practice solutions and panel discussions on industrial energy efficiency.

The range of exhibits at IndustrialGreenTec 2013 is rounded off by information and insights into services, such as the certification and evaluation of environmental technology and the financing of green projects. The venue for these information events is the Competence Center, which in 2013 will again provide the ideal contact exchange for managers and engineers.

For more information, visit: www.hannovermesse.de/en/about-the-trade-show/programme/tradeshows-lineup/industrialgreentec

HANNOVER MESSE with its clear focus on core technologies and services that enable industrial production, innovation and efficiency, is valued by companies and organizations around the globe as the world’s premier industrial technology show.  “The positive feedback we’ve received from exhibitors and visitors alike and the excellent registration levels predict a strong HANNOVER MESSE 2013,” said Dr. Jochen Köckler, a member of Deutsche Messe’s Managing Board.

Dr. Köckler sees this performance as doubly remarkable, given the current economic outlook for the next few months.  “As the premier international meeting place for decision makers and investors from industry, business and government, HANNOVER MESSE has shown time and again that it has the power and influence to kick off new trends and shape future developments,” he added.

The global economic situation means that enterprises are looking to next April’s event to inject fresh momentum into the industrial technology market.  Köckler notes, “Many firms have already registered display space.  In fact, six months out from the start of HANNOVER MESSE 2013, some 70 percent of the available exhibition space at the Hannover Exhibition Center has already been booked – a level which is unprecedented at this early stage in the planning cycle.  This is because companies know that in Hannover they can turn opportunities into real sales.”

The organizers of HANNOVER MESSE, which will run under the motto of “Integrated Industry,” anticipate that the Hannover showgrounds will be booked to capacity in 2013.  “Given the high level of registrations at this early stage, we have every reason to be optimistic about next April’s show,” explained Köckler. “And one other thing is for sure, the fair will again be an international showcase of the highest caliber, where visitors will find the full range of solutions for all the big challenges facing all sectors of industry today.  HANNOVER MESSE profiles the current state of the art in industry and previews key future trends.”

HANNOVER MESSE’s main strength is the incredible breadth and diversity of the innovations on show combined with the in-depth coverage given to each of its five core theme areas - Industrial Automation and IT; Energy and Environmental Technology; Power Transmission and Control; Industrial Supply, Production Technologies and Services; and Research and Development. “All the technologies on show in each theme area have one thing in common – they are designed to boost the productivity and therefore the competitiveness of manufacturers,” said Köckler.  “However, what makes HANNOVER MESSE truly unique is the level of interdisciplinary information sharing it facilitates, as well as the sheer limitless synergy potential it creates by concentrating all key industries in one location at the same time.”

HANNOVER MESSE features a powerful array of networking events, panel discussions and forums to cultivate and multiply the myriad valuable new business contacts and concrete business deals made at the exhibition stands.  Decision makers and investors from around the world attend these events to learn about the latest trends, themes and technologies.  This comprehensive program is instrumental in facilitating interdisciplinary knowledge sharing and creating a large proportion of the over five million new business contacts made at the fair each year.

Networking is not only important to the exhibitors and visitors at HANNOVER MESSE, it is also a critical part of our technology future.  The growing integration of all sectors of industry is reflected in the official theme for HANNOVER MESSE 2013, “Integrated Industry.”  This heralds a future where machines, industrial equipment, work pieces and system components are increasingly intelligent and able to exchange information with each other in real time.  This capability is the key to seamlessly documenting individual products throughout their entire life cycle and to the automatic initiation of vital processes, such as maintenance and repairs.

Digitization and IT are profoundly changing the way companies operate and cooperate.  They are affecting the way information is exchanged within enterprises and boosting collaboration within and across different industries, leading to exciting and highly effective new alliances.  For these reasons it is only fitting that HANNOVER MESSE, the world’s biggest marketplace for all sectors of industry and the foremost incubator of interdisciplinary synergies, should adopt “Integrated Industry” as its lead theme.

The world’s leading showcase for industrial technology is staged annually in Hannover, Germany. The next HANNOVER MESSE will be held from April 8-12, 2013 and feature Russia as its official Partner Country. HANNOVER MESSE 2013 will comprise 11 flagship fairs: Industrial Automation • Motion, Drive & Automation (MDA) • Energy • Wind • MobiliTec • Digital Factory • ComVac • Industrial Supply • IndustrialGreenTec • Surface Technology • Research & Technology. The upcoming event will place a strong emphasis on industrial automation and IT, energy and environmental technologies, power transmission and control, industrial subcontracting, manufacturing technologies, services and R&D.

For more information, visit: www.hannovermesse.de/home

Industrial Automation North America and International Manufacturing Trade Show (IMTS), which ran concurrently from September 10–15, 2012, at McCormick Place in Chicago, attracted 100,200 total registrants, 1909 exhibiting companies and visitors from 119 countries.  The combined events accounted for 1.248 million square feet of net exhibit space.

Industrial Automation North America, which debuted at IMTS 2012 as a co-located event, was Deutsche Messe’s first-ever industrial technology event in the U.S. and featured a complete range of automation products and solutions, as well as conferences and educational training.  Deutsche Messe and The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT) extended their strategic partnership for Industrial Automation North America 2014 during the 2012 event.

“We were thrilled to bring our industrial automation brand and expertise to North America and IMTS 2012 and look forward to a long-term partnership with AMT for Industrial Automation North America 2014 and beyond,” said Wolfgang Pech, Senior Vice President at Deutsche Messe AG.  “It is part of our global business strategy to go into markets that we can serve well with our business-to-business events.”

“Deutsche Messe as the organizer of HANNOVER MESSE and AMT as the owner of IMTS combined have become a powerhouse in showcasing products and solutions for production automation in the manufacturing technology industry,” said IMTS Vice President – Exhibitions and Communications Peter Eelman.  “The Industrial Automation North America component of IMTS has been fully embraced by the North American manufacturing community and will be an even larger presence at IMTS 2014.  We are pleased to move forward as partners.”

Commenting on his company’s experience at Industrial Automation North America, Thomas Visti, COO and Vice President of Universal Robots, said, “We conducted several marketing campaigns prior to the show to schedule new business meetings in our product lounge at Industrial Automation North America.  Our main goal was to raise awareness in North America.  We exceeded our expectation of meeting around 100 new leads a day.  It was a terrific show for us, and we are excited about the potential end-users, partners and distributors’ reactions we received when discussing our products on the show floor.   We also were pleased with the caliber of media that attended the show, and the press interviews we held with North and South American media.”

Dave Lawson, General Manager of Sommer Automatic, which exhibited its end-of-arm solutions at the Industrial Automation North America Show, said, “By exhibiting at the Industrial Automation North America 2012 event, Sommer Automatic made many new business connections within our target industries and expanded our geographic reach, connecting with valuable new business contacts in Mexico and South America.  We were pleased with the show and expect to exhibit at Industrial Automation North America 2014.  By then, we will have new requirements and may sign-up for additional booth space.”

Industrial Automation North America sold out several months prior to the event with 30 percent more space allocated than initially planned.  Larry Turner, CEO of Hannover Fairs USA, a subsidiary of Deutsche Messe AG, said, “The international response has been fantastic.  Roughly 60 percent of Industrial Automation North America’s exhibitors came from abroad from 18 countries.  We expect many will return in 2014 and will book bigger stands next year.”  

The next Industrial Automation North America will be held in conjunction with IMTS at the McCormick Place in Chicago from September 8-13, 2014.

Industrial Automation North America showcases products and solutions for process, production and industrial building automation, complementing IMTS’ focus on machine tools, metalworking and precision manufacturing.  Industrial Automation North America is organized by Deutsche Messe AG and its U.S. subsidiary, Hannover Fairs USA, and runs parallel to IMTS every two years.

For more information, visit: www.ia-na.com

Friday, 07 September 2012 11:08


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HANNOVER MESSE 2013 will have a strong emphasis on industrial automation and IT, energy and environmental technologies, power transmission and control, industrial subcontracting, manufacturing technologies, services and R&D.  All of these themes and all areas of HANNOVER MESSE 2013 will be underpinned by the HANNOVER MESSE 2013 lead theme of “Integrated Industry.”

The Industrial Automation tradeshow will put the spotlight on integrated automation processes with themes like Embedded Systems and Smart Production.  The message here is that intelligent production systems and processes and the realization and coordination of networked, geographically distributed production sites are vital to making “Integrated Industry” a living reality.

The lead theme will also be manifested in many aspects of the Motion Drive & Automation tradeshow, including the Condition Monitoring Systems displays.  Industrial automation and power transmission and control technologies are steadily converging as the industrial world goes digital.  This trend is reflected in the fact that that more and more suppliers of power transmission, linear motion and industrial gear systems are offering turnkey automation solutions.  “Integrated Industry” is at the forefront of this trend.  

Germany’s commitment to a more renewables-based energy supply necessitates a fundamental transformation of its energy supply infrastructure.  Smart grids, in particular, are coming to the fore as the country makes increasing use of distributed forms of generation.  This trend is reflected at the Energy tradeshow, which provides an integrated perspective on current energy-sector issues and challenges. HANNOVER MESSE’s energy focus is complemented by the Wind show with its array of displays and exhibits showing how integrated wind turbine maintenance and control systems can help master the challenges of Germany’s energy system transformation.

Similarly, the innovative ideas on display at the MobiliTec tradeshow are all about industrial integration. Translating the highly promising electric mobility technologies on show at MobiliTec into mainstream reality requires several disparate sectors of industry to work together and forge new alliances.

The enormous potential of “Integrated Industry” is also abundantly clear at the Digital Factory show, where the spotlight is on process integration and interdisciplinary product development.  The show likewise has a strong focus on systems engineering for more effective coordination of different disciplines within the engineering sector.

The ComVac show outlines ways of making production processes more energy efficient.  Compressed air technology is one of the few technologies that is used by almost every industrial sector.  Failure to integrate it properly into industrial production at the process design stage can therefore have far-reaching consequences in terms of lost efficiencies.

Many of the exhibitors at the Industrial Supply show are subcontractors who are directly integrated into their customers’ production and planning processes.  Production chains that span multiple providers rely for their success and effectiveness on integrated subcontracting solutions and services.  The subcontracting sector is “Integrated Industry” at its best.

The SurfaceTechnology show is where exhibitors present integrated surface systems and the latest innovations in a range of fields, including nanotechnology.  In keeping with the “Integrated Industry” theme, the show explores ways in which industrial companies can use surface technology to enhance the energy and resource-efficiency of their plants and processes.

The exhibitors at IndustrialGreenTec will highlight ways of integrating environmental management systems into existing business models, identifying opportunities for developing new, eco-friendly products and streamlining complex systems and processes.  At IndustrialGreenTec, “Integrated Industry” is all about being greener and smarter than the competition.

Of course, “Integrated Industry” begins with R&D – with early-stage interaction between science and business.  The Research & Technology show is the epitome of R&D: a force for integration that brings people and innovative ideas together. It is where scientists, developers, engineers and managers learn about the latest innovations, make new contacts and form interdisciplinary and cross-sector networks.

The world’s leading showcase for industrial technology is staged annually in Hannover, Germany. The next HANNOVER MESSE will be held from 8 to 12 April 2013 and feature Russia as its official Partner Country. HANNOVER MESSE 2013 will comprise 11 flagship fairs: Industrial Automation • Motion, Drive & Automation (MDA) • Energy • Wind • MobiliTec • Digital Factory • ComVac • Industrial Supply • IndustrialGreenTec • Surface Technology • Research & Technology. The upcoming event will place a strong emphasis on industrial automation and IT, energy and environmental technologies, power transmission and control, industrial subcontracting, manufacturing technologies, services and R&D.

For more information, visit: www.hannovermesse.de/home

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