MeshCAM CNC Software Version 4 Released

GRZ Software LLC has officially released the latest version of their CNC software, MeshCAM Version 4. Version 4 brings new power and features to the popular MeshCAM line of CAD/CAM products.

MeshCAM is primarily focused on 3D machining, allowing it to provide an easy-to-use interface without compromising toolpath quality. MeshCAM offers a wide range of toolpaths including parallel roughing, contour offset roughing, parallel finishing, waterline finishing, and pencil toolpaths. All toolpaths support a variety of options to create quality results with minimum user input. It also includes wizards for two-side machining and adding machining supports to the geometry. These features greatly simplify fixturing and workholding for oddly-shaped parts and those that must be machined using multiple setups.

The new Version 4 release builds on the existing MeshCAM core to add features focused on increased performance and usability. Version 4 introduces the ability to define multiple machining regions to limit a toolpath only to the desired areas., opening a whole new class of jobs for MeshCAM and significant reductions in machining time. The new slicing function lets users divide CAD files into layers to machine objects that are too big to machine as one piece. Each layer can be machined separately using the most efficient toolpath for its shape. All finishing toolpaths now support arc fitting to reduce NC file sizes and provide a better surface finish. Arc fitting functionality is normally seen only in CAM software costing many times more than MeshCAM. A new function to estimate machining time helps users optimize toolpath settings wihtout running a full toolpath simulation.

Large parts of Version 4 have been rewritten to fully utilize the multicore CPUs that are now standard in engineering workstations. Multicore support has lead to significant reductions in the time required to calculate a toolpath. Likewise, memory use has been reduced in this release, enabling larger files to be imported.

MeshCAM Version 4 was tested at over 500 sites during a six month beta period and feedback from customers worldide was incorporated into the final release.

About GRZ Software LLC
With over seven years of experience, GRZ Software provides CNC software to a wide range of industries including, jewelry, wood working, mold and die, and rapid prototyping. GRZ Software is committed to providing cost-effective CAD/CAM software solutions to streamline the manufacturing process.

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