GRZ Software LLC Releases MeshCAM Version 5 Preview Build

GRZ Software LLC has released a preview build of MeshCAM Version 5, their latest CAM software for 3D CNC machining. Version 5 brings new power and features to the popular MeshCAM line of products.

MeshCAM V5 is the first release to include support for 64-bit CPUs, allowing MeshCAM to load extremely large files without 32-bit memory limitations. The additional memory available can be used for more detailed toolpaths or for toolpaths that cover a much larger area.

This release also includes an "Automatic Toolpath Wizard" to help new users generate efficient toolpaths without deep CNC or CAM knowledge.

"Up to version 4, we were always trying to balance ease-of-use for new users against advanced features for experienced users, two goals that often conflicted with one another. Version 5 will begin to handle these two user groups very differently so that each gets the most benefit possible from MeshCAM. The Automatic Toolpath Wizard is the first step in this new direction," said Robert Grzesek, Founder of GRZ Software LLC.

The Automatic Toolpath Wizard automatically detects the type of geometry loaded, 2D, 2.5D, or 3D, and uses an appropriate set of toolpaths to machine it without detailed input from the user. It also gives feedback about tool selection to give new users the best chance at a good toolpath from day one.

The preview of MeshCAM Version 5 is available to all version 4 customers. Users of earlier versions can contact GRZ Software to receive a temporary license. All users are encouraged to provide feedback throughout the development process. A final release of version 5 is expected in 2012.

With over seven years of experience, GRZ Software provides CNC software to a wide range of industries including, jewelry, woodworking, mold and die, and rapid prototyping. GRZ Software is committed to providing cost-effective CNC software solutions to streamline the manufacturing process.

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