Granta Design Announces Updated Metals Data Library

Granta Design announced the availability of an updated metals data library for users of its GRANTA MI™ and CES Selector™ material intelligence software. This is the best ever single source of metals property data, covering thousands of metal standards, specifications, and grades. It includes a digital version of the authoritative MMPDS-10 aerospace alloy data, the latest Register of European Steels and SteelSpec data (including automotive steels), and ASME data on metals for the energy and chemicals sectors. Enhancements include non-linear metals data suitable for simulation and enhanced international equivalency information.

The need to identify similar or equivalent materials is a common challenge for metallic materials—for example, due to the need to find a local grade for use in an international manufacturing facility, or because of material supply disruption or material obsolescence. Such equivalency studies require information on global standards and specifications linked to property data, and the right tools to analyze that data in order to identify suitable alternatives. Engineers also need access to reliable data for materials selection, product design, simulation, qualification, and more. For many applications, for example crash simulation, an in-depth understanding of the suitability of a material needs data that describes non-linear performance as well as elastic data.

Granta brings together an unrivaled collection of materials data from widely-used and respected sources in one easy-to-access place. Properties covered include statistically-derived design values for high-performance alloys, global standards and specifications data for identification of equivalent grades, temperature-dependent data, and non-linear data.

The following five data modules have been updated:

  • MMPDS—version 10 of the premier aerospace reference
  • ASME BPVC—the 2015 version of ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel code
  • Stahldat SX—the latest complete and up-to-date Register of European Steels, including extended mechanical property data, new magnetic property data, and improved international equivalency information
  • Stahldat Sheet Steels—incorporating all the latest updates to the sheet steels data, with a particular focus on automotive applications
  • SteelSpec—including over 250 additional steel specifications.

Users of the GRANTA MI™ material information management system will be able to access these updated modules immediately, providing access to this data alongside their proprietary data managed in the same system. The modules will also be available in the upcoming release of CES Selector™, enabling use of the data with powerful selection and visualization tools that help users to compare properties and make materials decisions. Users of both systems also benefit from having metals data available alongside extensive data on plastics and composite materials, enabling comparison and analysis across material classes.

Dr Patrick Coulter, Chief Operating Officer at Granta Design, said: “These latest updates provide the best ever single ‘gold source’ for reference data on metals. When combined with our material intelligence tools, this enables users of this data to make smart materials decisions more efficiently. This will save enterprises time and money and support the development of better, safer, greener products.”

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