Whitepaper: Conformal Cooling using Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Thanks to Phillips Plastics, GPI Prototype & Manufacturing Services was able to put together a case study on the benefits of using conformal cooling for injection molding.

Conformal cooling is is a primary application for DMLS, allowing the manufacture of tooling inserts and components in a timely manner. On top of the value of short turn-around times, additional value was created by the unique geometric freedom of design: "Advanced Tooling".

One of the relevant "Advanced Tooling" applications is the integration of conformal cooling channels. This helps to improve both the quality and economics of injection molded parts by reducing cycle time, scrap warp and sink, increasing productivity by 20%-60%. DMLS tools are used to produce millions of parts in injection molding operations or many thousand metal parts in die casting.

DMLS opens new frontiers for the implementation of efficient tooling by offering extended design possibilities for the manufacture of high performance tools - all without having to consider the many limitations characterize conventional processes. Complexity of the channel design does not impact the tool manufacturing process, as the DMLS system builds channels directly into the tool.

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