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GoPrint3D is delighted to announce that they will be the first UK company to stock the brand new 3DP1000 3d printer, which has the largest capacity of any 3D printer currently available.

The 3DP1000 can print up to 1m x 1m by 0.5m high – 74 times more than desktop 3D Printers.

It can be used with numerous materials such as PLA, ABS, Nylon, HIPS and PVA, or any 3mm diameter filament with a melt point below 295 degrees. The 3DP1000 accurately and consistently produces a high quality Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) output.

Designed for, and built by engineers, the 3DP1000 is built to last. It boasts industrial strength actuators and mechatronics; all metal extruder heads; easy bed leveling; and multiple positioned sensors to protect against over travel and crashes.

Coupled with open source flexibility, allowing the user to use slicing and software options of their choice, the 3DP1000 from the newly renamed 3DP (formerly 3DP Unlimited) has definitely upped the game of industrial 3D Printers.

As with all the 3D printers they supply, the team at GoPrint3D has been fully trained on the supply, service, maintenance and usage of the 3DP1000, and are on hand to support any purchase/lease throughout the lifetime of the machine.

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