GF AgieCharmilles is setting new standards

Six GF AgieCharmilles world premiere products, including: Milling centers, electric discharge machining (EDM) machines and flexible Automation solutions for die-sinking EDM – plus an impressive array of existing Milling, EDM and Laser products and the world’s most comprehensive Customer Services offering – will take the stage September 19-24, at EMO 2011, in Hannover, Germany.

GF AgieCharmilles’ machines, Automation solutions and services will be showcased in a brand new booth designed specifically to allow visitors to experience the value GF AgieCharmilles adds to manufacturers in growing industrial areas. Hall 27, Booth D44 at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds is the place to see the Group’s first-in-class products – many with Energy Care features – in action, as GF AgieCharmilles’ experts demonstrate a variety of demanding applications for manufacturing segments like automotive, aerospace and aeronautics, medical and dental technologies, electronic components, and Information and Communication Technology.

On the Milling side, GF AgieCharmilles will debut two new high-speed and high-performance machining centers. The MIKRON HSM 600U LP is the ideal high-speed milling solution for prototype production, die making and fully automated, low-volume series production where accuracy and surface finish are key success factors. The MIKRON HPM 450U is a high-performance machine that boasts a new torque rotary tilting table for unlimited five-axis machining, and a cleverly conceived working spindle variation that could only come from a partner with deep application expertise from micro to macro. Besides these all-new solutions, GF AgieCharmilles will present the MIKRON HPM 800U HD, a fully automated five-axis, high-output compact machining center with various pallet magazines.

GF AgieCharmilles will also demonstrate its MIKRON HSM 400 LP Precision, which takes automated production of micro components for the die and mold sector to new heights in accuracy and surface finish; and the MIKRON VCE 1000 Pro-X, featuring linear scales, a reliable and powerful 16,000 rpm inline spindle, as a cost-effective answer for increased machining demand in mold and die and for the accurate production of parts.

Four all-new EDM products will be unveiled by GF AgieCharmilles at EMO Hannover 2011: the FORM 300 vP with S3R WPT1+, a highly versatile die-sinking machining solution representing new dimensions in autonomy and flexibility; the innovative FORM 200 mS with RTC die-sinking EDM solution equipped with the Rotary Tool Changer; the CUT 2000 OilTech which uses oil as a dielectric to make surface protection an absolute priority; and the DRILL 300, a quick, fine, reliable and powerful hole-drilling EDM machine.

GF AgieCharmilles will also demonstrate its  CUT 1000, the world’s most accurate wire-cutting EDM machine, especially designed for micro applications and equipped with the new Integrated Vision Unit (IVU), to deliver optical access to details that a 3D probe does not; the CUT 200 wire-cutting EDM machine that accelerates productivity while offering greater autonomy over production costs and quality; and the die-sinking FORM 1000 with the new S3R WPT1+ offering exceptional accuracy and best efficiency in erosion.

Visitors to GF AgieCharmilles’ booth at EMO will get their first look at the Group’s latest Automation solutions to manage the complete manufacturing process flow, from preparation to machining. This includes programming (CAD/CAM level), management of the workshop, traceability, and handling. For handling, GF AgieCharmilles offers the Rotary Tool Changer (RTC), the first truly compact and modular robot; and the WPT1+, available in four configurations for die-sinking EDM but also compatible with Milling and Laser. The affordable, flexible and sleekly designed new robot WPT1+ can manage a variety of tooling in an array of weights up to 80 kilograms and is a direct response to customers’ application needs.

The WPT1+, available as WPT1+ Light, WPT1+ Middle, WPT1+ Heavy and WPT1+ Heavy Plus, gives mold makers a full range of Automation options suited to their applications and can address parts and tooling for two machines at once.

Also in the EMO Hannover 2011 spotlight will be GF AgieCharmilles’ clean, highly accurate and flexible Laser technology demonstrated by the LASER 1000 5Ax, which can apply the finest textures in applications across many industrial segments from automotive to consumer and luxury goods.

The LASER 1000 5Ax, one of six machines in the Group’s laser portfolio, is an ideal solution for adding brand logos, continuous textures and hologram-like effects. Customers use GF AgieCharmilles’ Laser products to texture molds for automotive interiors and embossing rolls and plates.

With GF AgieCharmilles’ Laser texturing solutions, you have an eternally sharp tool with no threat of wear or breakage, a fully digitized machining process and no worries about disposing of fluids, slurry or chips; trace amounts of dust produced by Laser products is automatically vacuumed away.

Customer Services

All GF AgieCharmilles products are supported by a full range of Customer Services that can be tailored to each customer’s needs. With the most comprehensive services portfolio in the world, GF AgieCharmilles Customer Services includes:

• Operations Support - Ensures optimum levels of performance and precision in daily operations and offers a wide range of certified consumables and original wear parts.
• Machine Support - Maximizes machine uptime with original spare parts, technical support and preventive services.
• Business Support - Enhances operational potential with tailored business solutions.

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