GF AgieCharmilles Announces HSM 200 LP & HSM 200U LP Milling Machines

Where workshop floor space and machine installation weight are considerations, producers of small and precise parts need look no further than GF AgieCharmilles' new MIKRON HSM 200 LP and HSM 200U LP Milling machines.

With three and five axes respectively, the machines are candidates for awards in the areas of compact footprint, built-in flexibility for dedicated Automation requirements and production-proof axis design and chip management solutions.

The HSM 200 LP and HSM 200U LP perfectly meet high-speed Milling needs in production environments where location and available floor space limit machine installation weight and dimensions. Second-floor dental labs and watchmaking operations are two such examples. Moreover, these machines are perfectly aligned with the Milling needs of producers of smaller electrodes and higher-volume precision parts.

Dimensions of the three-axis HSM 200 LP and five-axis HSM 200U LP during commissioning can be as little as 890 x 2,000 mm (width x height) or 35.03 x 78.7 inches (width x height) with a weight of approximately 3,600 kg (7,900 lb). The tables feature not only a standard automated chuck but can be equipped with up to four additional media channels to operate automated individual part clamping systems on top of a palletized standard interface. With this functionality, production of even small to medium batch sizes with short cycle times may be tackled in unattended shifts, 24/7.

Great care was taken during the machines’ development to reduce the footprint of the machine tool cell without sacrificing high-quality machining results. That is accomplished with a revolutionary axis concept built for in-process precision and stability and superior chip fall. More specifically, the design ensures rigidity and damping of the machine tool base for the most smooth tool center point movement under changing load conditions yielding excellent machining characteristics and finish part quality.

Plus, with linear direct drives on all axes, the HSM 200 LP and HSM 200U LP produce perfect surface qualities down to Ra < 0.05 microns, reducing processing time, and impressively prolonging tool life. The machines feature a Heidenhain iTNC 530 control, a powerful 50,000-rpm HSK-E32 motor spindle, 30- or 60-piece tool magazine, and an 80- or 400-liter coolant tank with efficient chip separation by progressive filter stages.

The two machines underscore GF AgieCharmilles' reputation for innovating on behalf of customers. The HSM 200 LP and HSM 200U LP offer the power, flexibility and precision to increase customers’ competitive edge.

For example, in medical technology, the HSM 200U LP is the new five-axis production machining solution for ceramic dental prostheses as well as implants made of titanium, cobalt-chrome, or a variety of plastic materials.

As another example, the HSM 200 LP is an asset to die and mold manufacturers producing hardened tool steel inserts and copper electrodes for light-emitting diodes (LEDs), zoom cameras and microfluidics like lab-on-chip devices, and to makers of parts for watch movements with built-in COCN direct part clamping solutions.

Like all GF AgieCharmilles products, the HSM 200 LP and HSM 200U LP are supported by a continuum of Customer Services customizable to your particular needs. GF AgieCharmilles’ Customer Services offers the industry’s most comprehensive service package: preventive services, training, a dedicated Helpline, original wear parts and certified consumables, and a Privilege Club with special advantages available only to GF AgieCharmilles customers.

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