Geomagic Announces Expanded Technical Support Resources

Geomagic® announces the launch of the company’s new Technical Support Tutorial Video resources, designed to give customers even more access to information in formats they prefer at the Geomagic Technical Support portal.

The first release of the technical support videos allows customers to quickly see and review visual instructions on hot topics such as setting license keys, software installation and targeted product functions. With 50 videos already available, the amount will rapidly increase across the next few months, and will deal primarily with the most frequently asked questions by customers.

“We constantly drive to increase quality for our customers and as a result, last year, we consistently scored at least 9.1 out of 10 for our technical support in customer surveys,” said Steven Perkins, Technical Support Manager, Geomagic. “But we know that we have to work harder to deliver technical support in the formats that our customers want, so the videos are part of a strategic move to deliver greater online support that can be accessed 24 hours a day.”

The video tutorials are located at Geomagic’s Technical Support site [], and also include links to related videos and written instructions across the knowledge-base that customers can browse.

“We are committed to giving our customers the best support possible, and these videos are the latest milestone in a plan that has included investing in a new technical support infrastructure, adding a new comprehensive self-help knowledgebase, and expanding our in-person support worldwide,” said Karl Matthews, VP of Product Management, Geomagic. “In addition to helping existing customers, the videos help prospective customers effectively evaluate Geomagic technology, alongside the free trial download software available at our web site.”

Geomagic delivers online knowledge-base articles, videos and other tutorials through its technical support portal. Customers who subscribe to Geomagic Maintenance can also access live support and software upgrades. Find out more at Geomagic’s Maintenance page.

Geomagic Technical Support Help and Videos Channel, articles and other items can be located at the Geomagic website.

Geomagic Wrap, Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Qualify are all available as 30-day free trial downloads. To register, visit

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