Gardner Business Media Launches Plastics Technology MEXICO

Gardner Business Media, Inc. President Rick Kline, Sr. announced the launch of Plastics Technology MEXICO, a print magazine and integrated media platform. The intent is to connect buyers and sellers of plastics technology in Mexico to help them maintain world-class competitiveness in the global marketplace. Mr. Kline said of the launch, “Mexico has a strong and growing manufacturing base and is a key member of NAFTA. Because of its strength and its location, Mexico is also a gateway to key markets to the south and a vital supplier to those in the north. Mexico is a natural area of interest to us. Plastics Technology MEXICO will offer insights into both mainstream and advanced manufacturing technology in plastics processing.” Mr. Kline added that the new publication will also report on successes of local shops and plants that can be emulated by others in the country. The new business represents an international extension of Plastics Technology, which has served the plastics processing industry in North America since 1955.

The first issue of Plastics Technology MEXICO will be distributed in January 2016 and the magazine will be issued nine times annually. Plastics Technology MEXICO will reach a dedicated audience of selected production managers, engineers and manufacturing technicians engaged in the major manufacturing sectors of Mexico such as automotive, aerospace and medical.

Plastics Technology MEXICO is led by Rick Kline, Jr., Group Publisher of Gardner Business Media’s Plastics and Composites Group. Mr. Kline, Jr. formed a team of experienced media professionals united by their passion for and expertise in the plastics processing market to develop and launch the new venture. The team includes Claude Mas of MoldMaking Technology and Modern Machine Shop MEXICO, who has been appointed as Publisher, and Maria Natalia Ortega, formerly of Tecnología del Plástico, who has been named as Editor-In-Chief.  Mr. Kline, Jr. commented, “Ms. Ortega brings a great deal of knowledge and excitement to the Plastics Technology Mexico team.  She has been surveying the plastics market in Mexico and Latin America for more than 10 years.  Ms. Ortega is thrilled to lead the editorial direction of Plastics Technology MEXICO.” 

Mr. Kline, Jr. added, “At Gardner Business Media, we constantly strive to develop the best product and process related content in the most effective format. Plastics Technology MEXICO is born from these efforts and is squarely aimed at promoting the strength and competitiveness of the plastics processing market in Mexico.”

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