Forkardt Adds New Mazak Variaxis 730 VMC

Forkardt, a leading manufacturer of workholding solutions including both standard and applications-specific chucks, has announced the purchase of a Mazak Variaxis 730 vertical machining center. The acquisition represents a significant investment by Forkardt to utilize the latest machining technology available.

According to Bill Sepanik, group general manager of Forkardt, “The new system expands our capacity to meet growing application needs.  “With this new machine we’ve positioned ourselves to better handle larger parts, hold tighter accuracies and greatly improve cycle times.”

Sepanik added, “We’re also able to reduce the number of setups due to the machine’s five axis capability, while saving time due to the ease of programming with the Variaxis.”

The Mazak Variaxis 730 has a highly-rigid, built-in tilting rotary table that allows workpieces with complex contours and features to be finished in just a single machine setup. The 5-axis vertical machining center allows for table tilts up to 150° in the A-axis and rotation to 380° C-axis.  The machine boasts an X, Y, Z travel of 28.7" x 33.4" x 22", with spindle speed at 10,000rpm. The machine, equipped with a 120-tool magazine, allows for machining on heavy parts with a maximum part load of 1100 lb as well as a Big Plus Cat 50 Spindle. The tool holding system improves automatic tool change repeatability and has excellent rigidity, reduces chatter and eliminates axial movement at high speeds.

Forkardt’s brand names of products include N.A. Woodworth, Sheffer, Logansport, SP Cylinders and Buck in addition to the Forkardt name. Utilizing its worldwide research and development resources, Forkardt focuses on machining process efficiencies and creating meaningful workholding solutions. It is one of the world’s premier builders of workholding technologies for standard applications, for high-precision applications, and for specialized, engineered solutions.

The company’s products include chucks for general machining and application-specific chucks, cylinders and indexing chucks, expanding mandrels, chucks for hard part turning, collet chucks, steady rests, and grip force meters.

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