First American Plastic, Leading Plastic Molding Company, Adds ‘3-D’ Printing Services

What’s better than printing drawings for a plastic model? Printing the model itself, say experts at First American Plastic. The plastic molding company recently acquired Stratasys equipment that effectively “prints” 3-D plastic components.

For First American Plastic, the process is as simple as feeding dimensional information from CAD software into the machine, and a working model or other parts are completed within hours.

“The technology is fascinating, and the implications are incredible,” said Steve Erickson, a vice president at First American Plastic Molding Enterprise. “This equipment takes your data and will ‘print’ jigs and fixtures, as well as models for low-volume thermoforming.”

Parts can be printed within a platform of 10”x10”x12”, and they can be created in nine colors. Parts are made from durable ABS plastic and are printed in 0.007 and 0.010 layer thickness. The support structures, which are easily removed with a mild cleaning solution, are a soy-based biodegradable material.

“Our 3-D capabilities mean reduced development, production, and delivery times, and our prices are very competitive; we’ll even help you optimize your designs,” Erickson said. “This machinery boosts our ability as a top plastic molding company to help you secure the best plastic parts and components available.”

First American Plastic Molding Enterprise is a custom provider of thermoplastic injection molding manufacturing solutions for companies throughout most industries. They operate two facilities in the United States. Its enterprise headquarters in South Beloit, Illinois, is a 39,000 sq. ft. facility located 75 miles northwest of Chicago; its Ocean Springs, Mississippi, facility covers 22,000 sq. ft. and is located near Biloxi on the Mississippi Gulf coast.

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