America’s Challenge: How to Get Americans Working Again

Rebuilding manufacturing and getting Americans working again will require tax reform, reducing over regulation, better skills training and other reforms, says Congressman Don Manzullo (R-IL).  He will take the stage to discuss legislative and regulatory initiatives that he believes will help American manufacturers regain competitiveness on the opening day of FABTECH 2011, Nov. 14-17, 2011.

A recent survey by Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute found that U.S. manufacturing companies have as many as 600,000 jobs for which they cannot find skilled workers. The survey found:

• Two thirds of manufacturers have a moderate to severe shortage of qualified workers
• 56 percent expect the shortage to increase in the next three to five years

Congressman Manzullo recently announced a 10-point plan he’s backing to put Americans back to work. He will provide detail on his Jobs Agenda, which range from reforms to the tax code, export policies and regulations to educating Congress on the importance of American manufacturing to our economy, and delivering better training for job seekers.

“Manufacturing is critical to our nation’s economic recovery. Until we get back to making more things in America, we will continue to experience haphazard economic growth,” Manzullo says. “America cannot exist solely as a service economy because we will become a second-rate nation.”

According to the Congressman, one key to our economic recovery is to improve skills training so manufacturing can get Americans working again.

Manzullo says America must show young adults manufacturing is a credible way to earn a living.  He points out that careers in the sector can apply to students across the spectrum of education-levels — from certificate programs to specialized associate’s degrees to PhD’s in engineering and metallurgy.

Standing in the way is the need for reassessment of manufacturing skills training.

“It is one thing to have no jobs to fill and high unemployment, but it is particularly discouraging when employers are looking to hire, but cannot find workers with the necessary training and education. We need to streamline the overlapping and bureaucratic job training programs so they help unemployed Americans get retrained for the jobs that exist in the market,” Manzullo said.

Congressman Manzullo’s speech is scheduled for Monday, Nov. 14, 2011 at 9 -10 a.m., the first day of FABTECH 2011. The session is free and open to all attendees.

FABTECH is North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, finishing and welding event attracting more than 30,000 manufacturing professionals. More than 1,200 exhibitors will be showcasing the latest technologies in the industry, and the participating associations are offering more than 100 educational sessions.

FABTECH 2011’s complete lineup can be viewed at:

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